CEREC Dental Crowns Can Be Provided In One Appointment

Once it is put in place, your dental crown offers enduring restorative dental care for a tooth that needs it. In addition to protecting it against future infections, a crown will absorb the impact from biting and chewing, which may be more than a vulnerable tooth can handle. With CEREC technology, your dentist can make sure you have that valuable support sooner, because they can have your crown designed, produced, and put in place over the course of just one appointment. Without CEREC, patients are stuck waiting for a lab to produce their custom crown, meaning they have to deal with their dental vulnerability while they wait.

Having A CEREC Crown Designed, Produced, And Placed

Because of the CEREC technology available at your dentist’s office, every step required in the crown placement process can be done in one session. The first part of your visit will involve digitally recording measurements for your crown, and preparing your tooth to make space for it. With the measurements taken, your restoration can be designed, and a milling machine at the office will craft your crown from life-like ceramic. Now that the crown is ready, it is just a matter of your dentist setting it in place.

Taking Care Of Your Crown After You Receive It

A crown is incredibly tough, and can endure serious pressure in service of protecting your tooth. While this can be reassuring, remember that crowns, like teeth, are not impervious to any harm. If you want to avoid damaging your crown, be smart about biting and chewing, and avoid any habit of chewing on hard substances like ice. Keeping up with routine oral care will protect the crown from harm caused by oral bacteria.

Enjoy A Crown In One Appointment From Hillsview Dentistry

At Hillsview Dental, Dr. Criss can take you through every step of the crown production and placement process in a single visit. CEREC technology puts all the necessary tools in the office, so you receive the restorative dental care you need without waiting for a third party to produce your restoration. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.