Month: September 2017

The Dental Checkup Checklist: The Routine Care You Deserve

What good are routine dental checkups REALLY doing for your oral health, and your smile? Sure, having your dentist check on your teeth can be nice when you think something is wrong, but if you feel fine, is it worth the trip? There are two big things you should understand when it comes to routine… Read more »

Do You Need A CPAP Machine To Treat Sleep Apnea?

Many people who worry they have sleep apnea will start to imagine life with a CPAP machine. Wearing the mask that accompanies a machine can feel awkward, and make nights more difficult for many people. What you should know is that your dentist may have an effective answer for sleep apnea that does not require… Read more »

Receiving A CEREC Crown To Protect An Injured Tooth

Tooth injuries offer little in the way of an advanced warning. You can suffer a chipped or cracked tooth playing sports, in an accident, or as a result of biting into something that was unexpectedly hard. When you suffer an injury like this, you can be worried both about discomfort, and your appearance. Luckily, CEREC… Read more »

Don’t Miss Out On Important Preventive Dental Care

Are you receiving the best preventive dental care possible? If not, what changes could you be making to see that you do? Preventive treatment that effectively stops the formation of cavities should consist of smart daily habits, and regular dental checkups. With the regular checkups, you enjoy professional care that can remove tartar, alert you… Read more »