Don’t Miss Out On Important Preventive Dental Care

Are you receiving the best preventive dental care possible? If not, what changes could you be making to see that you do? Preventive treatment that effectively stops the formation of cavities should consist of smart daily habits, and regular dental checkups. With the regular checkups, you enjoy professional care that can remove tartar, alert you to problems that have started to develop, and offer insight into the overall quality of your oral care. Daily care makes it easier to prevent tartar by removing plaque before the substance hardens, and stopping decay from doing harm to teeth.

Care You Should Be Providing On A Daily Basis

One thing you should understand about your daily care habits is that if you are brushing, but not flossing, you are leaving yourself open to the risk of problems between your teeth. By flossing, you eliminate bacteria in those hard to reach spaces, stopping cavities as well as gum disease. Limiting your intake of sugar can also help you keep your mouth free of problems.

Care You Can Count On At Every Routine Dental Checkup

At each routine dental checkup you attend, your mouth receives important care. The cleaning you receive from your hygienist offers the major preventive advantage of removing tartar. A substance that will remain if you rely solely on brushing and flossing to remove it. When your dentist checks on your smile, they will be able to alert you to any concerns, and recommend any necessary restorative dental treatment.

How Missing Out On Preventive Care Can Lead To Bigger Oral Health Troubles

If you are not attending checkups, and a cavity forms, you may not realize it is there until you experience real discomfort. By this time, the cavity could be advanced enough to change how your dentist approaches treatment.

Schedule Preventive Dental Care At Hillsview Dental

Scheduling preventive dental care at Hillsview Dental will help you ensure that your smile is in good condition. Routine checkups, along with smart oral care practices at home, will help you stay free of worrying dental issues. If you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652. We look forward to hearing from you!