Enjoy A Better Night’s Rest After Treating Sleep Apnea

If you go to bed at a decent hour, and sleep through the night, you would expect to feel rested. For people suffering from sleep apnea, the restorative benefits of sleep can be elusive, even if they believe they receive a full eight hours of rest. Sleep apnea is diagnosed when a person’s airways are frequently blocked during the night, cutting off their ability to breathe. Your body must “wake up” frequently to deal with your inability to breathe, which disrupts your sleep cycle. Your dentist can help you keep your breathing passages open by providing you with a special mouth guard. The guard positions your jaw so that your airways stay open, and you fully rest at night.

Sleep Apnea Poses A Real Threat To Your Health

The longer you go without completing sleep cycles, the more your health can suffer. Patients who have sleep apnea can feel irritated and restless during the day, and their concentration can suffer. You can also suffer problems with your blood pressure, and see an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. It is important that you reach out for care when you think you might have sleep apnea – the longer you wait, the more issues you can experience.

Receiving Important Care From Your Dentist

Sleep apnea is not something people commonly associate with their dentist. However, when you maintain a schedule with regular dental exams, you can be better informed about how much good your dentist can do for you. In addition to treating common problems like gum disease and tooth decay, your dentist can help you deal with sleep apnea, as well as problems related to TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Treating Sleep Apnea

At Hillsview Dental, you can look forward to help with sleep apnea that will not require the use of a CPAP machine. Instead, you will receive a custom oral insert that keeps your breathing passages open throughout the night, meaning you can enjoy real rest. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652. We look forward to helping you!