How Many Dental Checkups Should You Attend Per Year?

Typically, patients should plan to attend two dental checkups per year, unless your dentist feels that you would be better off with a different plan. At each of these visits, you will have a review of your oral health, as well as a careful cleaning of your teeth. Both parts of your routine visit are important. Patients who regularly see their dentist have better information regarding the condition of their smile, and receive valuable preventive care. Maintaining a proper checkup schedule means limiting your risk for problems, and having restorative dental care promptly provided when trouble does start to form.

The Importance Of Keeping Up With Regular Dental Exams

Patients who keep up with regular preventive exams are less likely to have complications arise with their oral health. These appointments can help you lower your cavity risk, but if decay does become a problem, your dentist can catch it in the early stages and provide a dental filling. Early detection means earlier treatment, which will limit the amount of damage done to your tooth.

Providing Preventive Care Between Visits

Improving your daily care will reduce the likelihood of tartar forming on your teeth, and lower your risk for problems like tooth decay. What steps should you be taking to improve your daily care? Flossing daily is important, as it ensures attention for those difficult to reach spaces between teeth. If you want to protect your teeth between your brushing and flossing regimen, look for ways to improve your diet. By cutting back on your intake of sugar, you can effectively reduce the amount of decay your teeth experience, which will make it less likely a cavity will form.

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