Dental Crowns Can Restore Teeth, And Improve Smiles

Restorative dental care involves more than just the treatment of an active dental problem. Once your dentist performs work on a problem tooth, you can require support for that tooth. Unfortunately, our teeth cannot repair themselves when something like a cavity impacts us. In many cases where a person needs support for this problem, a dental crown can be of great value. Your crown will protect your vulnerable tooth from suffering future infections, and it can absorb pressure that would otherwise be placed on the tooth during biting and chewing habits. Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible for you to enjoy a crown that is durable, life-like, and convenient – your dentist can actually have a CEREC crown produced for you after just one appointment!

How A Dental Crown Can Offer Restorative And Cosmetic Benefits

Dental crowns are needed to protect vulnerable teeth. Because the crown surrounds the tooth, it can be a prominent part of your smile. In the past, patients had to deal with the potential awkwardness of a metal crown. You can look forward to more discreet support, as your dentist uses life-like ceramic to construct your restoration. Ceramic can match the color and texture of your tooth, and it is even able to reflect light the way your enamel would!

Using CEREC Technology Means Your Crown Is Ready In Just One Appointment!

CEREC technology has made it possible for your dentist to design, craft, and place your permanent crown in the course of just one appointment. By completing all of these tasks in one place, and during one visit, you can have the support you need for your tooth without having to put up with an awkward delay.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Receiving A Dental Crown

At Hillsview Dental, our practice is proud to offer advanced restorative dental support with CEREC dental crowns. You can have your tooth protected by a life-like, durable restoration that is ready for you after a single appointment! This means that you can have the care you require without being stuck with a temporary crown. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.