How Can I Be Sure My Smile Is Free Of Cavities?

Should you assume that a pain-free smile is also a smile that is free of any issues with tooth decay? It is certainly true that a cavity can cause a person to experience discomfort. When decay provides access to the interior of your tooth to oral bacteria, you can suffer an infection of the living tooth housed within your pulp. Of course, this is not an immediate effect. During a routine dental exam, your dentist can spot the early forms of decay, and you can have the appropriate restorative treatment before you experience complications. One reason patients are told to attend regular exams is so your dentist can spot – and treat – problems before they become more consequential.

Your Dentist Can Spot A Cavity Before It Starts To Cause Real Trouble

Your dentist can identify tooth decay in early stages, and recommend a course of action to restore your tooth’s health. A small cavity can require a dental filling, but it will not put you in the situation of needing a root canal treatment. Because dental fillings are made of a natural-looking resin, they can restore your tooth while also preserving how it looks.

Protecting Your Teeth With Effective Daily Oral Health Habits

Of course, you should know that with effective daily oral health care practices, you can give yourself a significant defense against tooth decay. Brushing twice a day can make an important difference, as long as you put in the time and effort to fully clean teeth. On top of good brushing habits, make sure you floss every day, and think about the potential effect your diet can have on teeth.

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