3 Things Everyone Should Know About Tooth Decay

Many people, despite their efforts to prevent them, will have at least one cavity develop over their lifetime. This can happen because they fail to brush and floss effectively, because their teeth are naturally weaker against them, or because they have an excess of sugary products in their diet. It can easily be a combination of these factors. No matter what the cause, a cavity is something that you should take seriously. The longer you wait to restore your tooth, the worse your decay will become. Delaying treatment can lead to your needing a root canal procedure to properly restore your tooth. Understanding what a cavity does, and why the problem needs to be taken seriously, can help patients recognize the need to practice good oral care at home, and to see their dentist for regular dental exams.

1. A Cavity Will Continue To Worsen If You Fail To Do Something About It

Your teeth can naturally recover from a minor degree of decay, but a cavity is irreversible once formed. If you put off treatment, that cavity will continue to grow worse, which can lead to your needing more involved care from your dentist.

2. You May Not Realize When A Cavity Has Formed On Your Tooth

A cavity can eventually lead to real discomfort, but the absence of pain should not lead you to think you have nothing to be concerned over. By seeing your dentist regularly, you can have a cavity caught and treated early.

3. The Damage A Cavity Does Is Permanent

Once your dentist treats your cavity, you will need a dental filling or dental crown placed on your tooth. This is because, unfortunately, a cavity’s damage is not something your tooth recovers from on its own. Fortunately, modern restorative work can be impressively life-like, so you can maintain your smile after your procedure, even if your cavity is in a conspicuous place.

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