Excitement Awaits At The 1880 Train Old West Shootout!

At the 1880 Train, you and your family can enjoy a close look at some of the iconic locomotives that passed through the South Dakota area back when the state was in its early form. Of course, the trains were more than just transportation – for some outlaws, they were a chance to make a quick fortune! During the 1880 Train Old West Shootout events, you can watch a great train robbery play out right in front of you! You and your family can see the robbers make their move at the Hill City Station, only to face justice from the local sheriff on their way to the Keystone Station. The 1880 Train Old West Shootout events will start on Thursday, June 21.


The first 1880 Train Old West Shootout will take place on Thursday, June 21. There will be additional events in July, and a final event in August. The train departs at 6:45 pm.


The 1880 Train is located at 222 Railroad Ave. Hill City, SD 57745.


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Activities Include:

The 1880 Train will host its very own train robbery and shootout for passengers to enjoy. The event will begin with robbers boarding the train at the Hill City Station, and you will see the sheriff and his men take them down en route to the Keystone station!

For More Information:

For more information about this event, click here.

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