What Can Happen To My Tooth If I Delay A Cavity Treatment?

Some patients will avoid necessary restorative dental care because they feel anxious about treatment. In some cases, a person may put off treatment simply because they refuse to make time for it. What you should know is that when you delay restorative work for any reason, you give your problem the opportunity to worsen. Eventually, a cavity will works its way into your pulp, which will make a root canal treatment necessary. In the most severe cases, a cavity can make the tooth’s extraction necessary. If you find out you need a cavity removed during a routine dental exam, or if you feel something is wrong with your tooth, seeking prompt care will help you avoid bothersome complications.

Will I Need A Root Canal Treatment?

You may not need a root canal for your cavity right now, but the continued damage done by tooth decay can make it necessary later. Root canals are performed when your dentist needs to save your tooth from an internal infection. One reason regular checkups are recommended is that your dentist can identify a cavity in a relatively early stage, and provide care before a root canal becomes needed.

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Protected After Restorative Work Is Performed

Any restorative dental work will require support for your tooth. Unfortunately, there is no way to naturally undo the damage caused by a cavity. Your dentist will be able to protect your tooth with a dental filling, or a dental crown. Both of these restoration types can be made to match your natural teeth, so they will not interfere with how you look. They also provide necessary functional support, so you will be able to bite and chew like normal.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About A Cavity Treatment

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