Bite Problems Can Create Trouble For Your Oral Health

What kind of trouble can an issue with your bite alignment cause? Poor bite alignment, or an awkward bite motion, can lead to chronic pain suffered because of TMJ dysfunction. It can also cause you to unknowingly put more wear and tear on particular teeth, which can lead to cosmetic concerns, or even oral health issues. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office is ready to help if you think something might be wrong with your bite. If you are struggling with TMJ dysfunction, treatment can be provided to help relieve stress on your jaw joints. If you have an issue with your bite caused by crooked teeth, your dentist can talk to you about starting treatment with ClearCorrect, a discreet and removable orthodontic appliance.

Problems That Can Lead To Issues With Your Bite

Poor alignment can cause many people to have issues with their bite. This often stems from teeth that are improperly spaced, or that overlap. While you may have had no issues with your bite in the past, there are issues that can create trouble for you. For instance, losing a tooth can certainly make you change the way you bite and chew. An unaddressed tooth pain, or heightened dental sensitivity, can also create troubles.

Addressing TMJ Dysfunction Can Put A Stop To Ongoing Discomfort

If you experience active discomfort because of TMJ dysfunction, your dentist can review your case, and recommend the appropriate treatment. With a special oral appliance, a gentle adjustment of your jaw can lead to relief from pressure on the joints. Your dentist can also help if your problems include an issue with bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding. If nothing is done about this, it could lead to damages that make it necessary for you to undergo restorative dental work.

Hillsview Dental Can Help You Recover From Issues Caused By Bite Problems

Problems with your bite can lead to worrying oral health issues. Fortunately, Hillsview Dental can help you address these concerns, and put a stop to pain, sensitivity, and limited jaw movement that may result because of bite troubles. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.