Should You Worry About Placing Pressure On An Injured Tooth?

If you have a tooth that is injured and feels sensitive, or experiences regular pain, should you be worried about what might happen if you place pressure on it when you bite or chew? In some cases, chronic discomfort can leave you with no interest whatsoever in putting pressure on that tooth. Unfortunately, a change in your bite habits can lead to additional wear and tear on neighboring teeth, and pressure on your jaw joints. If you have any concerns about a tooth that is damaged, or potentially affected by tooth decay, reach out to your Rapid City, SD dentist for restorative dental care. That pain could be a sign that the tooth is infected, which can lead to real complications. Thanks to CEREC technology, a problem tooth can be restored with a life-like restoration in just one appointment.

Take Advantage Of CEREC Technology, And Receive A One-Visit Crown

CEREC technology has reduced the amount of time it takes for your dentist to fully protect your tooth. When you are dependent on a crown being made by a dental lab, you can be forced to wait while you continue to deal with a smile abnormality. When you seek a CEREC dental crown, you can have an attractive, durable crown ready in less time, and enjoy the lasting support you require.

Are You Bothered By A Minor Chip Or Crack In A Tooth? Ask Your Dentist About Cosmetic Care

Do you need to worry about a dental injury if you have no pain? Sometimes, harm only has a cosmetic effect. Of course, it may feel like a sufficiently big problem if you are embarrassed by a visible chip or crack in your smile. Cosmetic dental work can make corrections to improve how you look, and give you renewed confidence in your appearance.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Addressing An Injured Tooth

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