How All-On-4 Dentures Can Improve A Person’s Life

Losing an entire row of teeth can have major consequences for your oral health, and it can make you highly uncomfortable with your smile. Traditional dentures, which can be supported with epoxies, or natural suction, have helped people improve their appearances, and enjoy some functional improvements. Unfortunately, these restorations could feel insecure at times, leading to troubles. Dentures can also become uncomfortable as time passes, as your jawbone can deteriorate as a consequence of tooth loss. All-on-4 implant dentures can provide you with a better experience when you have dentures. With this implant-supported restoration, daily activities can be more comfortable, your diet can be more varied, and you can protect the health and condition of your jawbone.

Enjoying Functional And Cosmetic Advantages With The Right Prosthetic Support

When you have a prosthetic supported with a dental implant, you can feel more confident in your appearance, in your dental function, and in your overall oral health. You can bite and chew food with greater confidence, as your implants provide an added degree of stability to your restoration. You can also feel at ease speaking and smiling, as you have the confidence your dentures will stay in place.

Can I Qualify For Dental Implants?

People who are excited about implants can be reluctant to ask about them, simply because they fear they will not qualify to receive them. You should know that age is not necessarily disqualifying, so older patients can enjoy this support. There can be issues with existing oral health issues that need to be addressed before moving forward with placement. Because you may have already suffered a worrying loss of jawbone density after tooth loss, a graft may be called for before you receive implants.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About All-On-4 Implant Dentures

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