Tooth Loss Can Create Problems In Your Daily Life

After you lose a tooth, you may find it more difficult to enjoy some of your favorite foods, simply because biting and chewing are more difficult. Over time, individuals with missing teeth can suffer further losses, experience chronic jaw pain, and even suffer a loss of density in their jawbone. If you have missing teeth, and you are ready to address the problem, talk to your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office about prosthetic dental work. Your dentist can discuss the process of placing your implant, and supplying the appropriate restoration, so that you can enjoy the cosmetic and functional benefits that come with making your smile complete again.

What Your Dentist Can Do To Restore Your Smile

Your dentist can make arrangements for you to enjoy an implant-supported dental prosthetic, which can make your smile whole once again. Your dental implant will be carefully placed directly in your jawbone, where – over a period of healing – the bone will actually fuse with it. When you have sufficiently healed, your dentist can restore the implant with a life-like prosthetic. When you have that prosthetic in place, you can be impressed with how your smile looks natural, as well as with how your biting and chewing functions are improved. Because implants offer permanent support for your restoration, you can feel confident and comfortable with your prosthetic work.

Regaining Your Complete Smile, And Better Dental Function

Prosthetic work can make a terrific difference in the way you look. Many patients who want to do something about an incomplete smile may be focused on what the work will do for their appearance. With that said, your implant-supported prosthetic can make it possible to add more variety to your diet, and prevent the loss of bone mass in your jaw.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Restoring Your Incomplete Smile

At Hillsview Dental, you can find out how the right prosthetic treatment can give you back your full smile! Our practice is proud to help those individuals in and around Rapid City, SD address the many problems tooth loss can create. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.