Month: September 2018

3 Smart Tips For Maintaining Better Dental Hygiene

If you keep running into a problem with tooth decay, you may feel as though you are just helpless against cavities. When people have problems, they may decide that their “best” efforts at good oral hygiene are failing them, when in reality, they have yet to really do their best. Effective care is about more… Read more »

ClearCorrect Aligners Help You Discreetly Improve Your Smile

You can count on ClearCorrect aligners to make beneficial adjustments to the position of your teeth. These appliances, like traditional metal braces, can gradually shift teeth that are out of place into their appropriate locations. With that said, ClearCorrect offers patients a chance to make these corrections discreetly, as these appliances can be difficult to… Read more »

Celebrate Native Americans’ Day October 8

This year’s Native Americans’ Day will take place in South Dakota on Monday, October 8. On this holiday, you and your family can celebrate the history and traditions of Native American groups in the area by joining the events hosted at Crazy Horse Memorial. During this event, a special Educator Of The Year award will… Read more »

Counting On Dental Implants For Advanced Prosthetic Support

There are many concerns you face once you experience tooth loss – with even one tooth missing, it can be harder to speak, bite, and chew. It can also make you uncomfortable with your appearance, as a missing tooth can make you seem older than you are, and appear less healthy. When you address tooth… Read more »

I Snore At Night – Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Your snoring habit can embarrass you. It can make falling asleep more difficult for your partner. Is it a warning of something serious? Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, which can be a problem for your overall health. With that said, snoring does not necessarily mean you have this problem. If you feel unsure… Read more »

Taking Care Of Gum Troubles Through A Periodontal Cleaning

If your gums are experiencing problems, a lack of treatment can lead to the onset of more difficult issues. When you first see signs of gum disease, you can be affected by gingivitis. This is a reversible condition, which means you can restore your smile to good health. Unfortunately, an advanced case of gum disease… Read more »

The Harlem Globetrotters Will Be In Rapid City Nov 1!

On Thursday, November 1, you can bring your family out to see the Harlem Globetrotters in action! The team will welcome fans to see stunts, tricks, and a great game at Barnett Arena. In addition to performing, Globetrotters will be available for autographs, and to meet with fans. The team has been around for more… Read more »

Tobacco Products Can Hurt Your Smile, And Your Oral Health

Your teeth can give you away as a tobacco user. Over time, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can leave stains in your enamel, and give your smile a dull, unattractive yellowish tint. This can have the effect of aging you, and generally making you less confident in your appearance. With that said, tobacco can… Read more »

Are You Ignoring Signs Of Oral Health Trouble?

Some smile problems can form without causing you any immediate alarm. For instance, you may not feel any immediate discomfort when a cavity starts to form on your tooth. If you can fail to notice a cavity’s formation, what can you do to make sure your smile is really in good condition? Regular dental exams… Read more »

Test Your Knowledge Of Cavities With Our Quiz!

Here’s one thing you definitely need to know about cavities – if you have one, you need to see your dentist for the appropriate restorative dental treatment. In fact, you should make that treatment a priority, as your condition will worsen over time if nothing is done to stop the matter. Cavities are a well-known… Read more »