Test Your Knowledge Of Cavities With Our Quiz!

Here’s one thing you definitely need to know about cavities – if you have one, you need to see your dentist for the appropriate restorative dental treatment. In fact, you should make that treatment a priority, as your condition will worsen over time if nothing is done to stop the matter. Cavities are a well-known threat to our oral health. When one forms, it can lead to an irreversible eroding of dental material, and – if nothing is done in time – one can cause serious internal problems for your tooth. Fortunately, with smart smile care at home, and regular visits to your Rapid City, SD dentist for routine dental checkups, you can control your cavity threat, and maintain better oral health.


True Or False: You can stop a cavity after it has formed if you take more time to brush, and avoid sugar.

True Or False: Tooth decay can lead to an internal infection that requires a root canal treatment.

True Or False: Cavities do permanent damage to teeth. Fortunately, a modern dental filling or dental crown can provide lasting support, while also preserving the way you look.


False! You can protect your teeth against decay, and your enamel is capable of recovering from mild amounts of decay. Unfortunately, it will require professional treatment to put a stop to a cavity’s growth once it has formed on a tooth.

True! If your cavity is not treated in time, bacteria can infect your pulp, and your dentist will need to perform a root canal to address the situation.

True! Fillings and crowns can protect teeth without altering the way your smile looks. Because both are made to last, you can rely on support for your vulnerable teeth for many years, even as you engage in normal biting and chewing habits. With that said, a restoration – like your teeth -can remain in better condition when you practice better oral care.

Hillsview Dental Can Provide Modern Treatment For Your Cavity

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