Spotting Signs Of Gum Disease Before Your Condition Worsens

Gum disease can be painless, but there are still ways to recognize that something might be wrong. You can look at the color of your periodontal tissues, identify concerns with swelling, and pay attention to matters like sensitivity to bleeding. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you manage a problem with gum disease when treatment is called for. By doing so, your dentist can protect you against some serious consequences with a periodontal cleaning. When your condition is not addressed in time, you can develop complications from advanced gum disease that put your overall smile at risk. You might not realize it, but the most common cause of tooth loss in adults relates to symptoms of serious periodontal infections.

Receiving Professional Care For Periodontal Problems

If you show signs of gum disease, your dentist can help by providing a periodontal cleaning. This is a process that involves accessing the spaces under your gum line, and clearing away oral bacteria that have built up. By removing these harmful bacteria, your dentist can reverse a case of gingivitis. If your problems are already advanced past the point of gingivitis, this could be the start of a program to help you manage your oral health.

Taking Care To Avoid Future Troubles With Gum Disease

Practicing good habits where it concerns brushing and flossing will help you protect your teeth at your gum line. By doing this, you can limit the chances that oral bacteria will begin to gather on teeth below your gums. You can also take care to avoid problems by seeing your dentist regularly. During these appointments, symptoms of gingivitis can be caught, so the problem is addressed before more complications arise.

Hillsview Dental Can Help You Fight Gum Disease

At Hillsview Dental in Rapid City, SD, you can count on help with more than just the health of your teeth. Your periodontal health is important to your overall oral health – if you show signs of gingivitis, Dr. Criss can recommend a periodontal cleaning. Protecting your smile with effective periodontal care can help you avoid problems like tooth loss later in life. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.