Want To Improve Your Smile In 2019? Ask About ClearCorrect

As we move closer and closer to the new year, you may be taking stock of your 2018, and thinking about what you can change in 2019. One thing you may want to consider in the new year is how you can improve your smile. If you are tired of seeing problems with poor alignment impact your appearance, you can inquire about ClearCorrect. These orthodontic appliances offer patients the chance to fix problems with gaps and overlaps without drawing unwanted attention. The appliances are hard to observe, and they can be taken out by you when they might be intrusive. At the end of your adjustment, you can see an improved smile, and enjoy oral health advantages!

ClearCorrect Can Correct Problems With Your Dental Alignment Without Drawing Unwelcome Attention

The name hints at a big benefit of using ClearCorrect aligners – the appliances you use will be clear, and therefore difficult to notice. For people who want to look their best in social settings, or who want to keep their look professional, this benefit can be a crucial one. You can also find that your daily life is easier with a removable orthodontic appliance than one that remains on your teeth when you need to eat, or brush and floss.

A Straightened Smile Can Do More Than Just Improve The Way You Look

Straightening your smile can have real value for your appearance. Of course, there are other reasons your dentist might recommend using ClearCorrect. Straightening your smile can improve your bite alignment, which can reduce strain on certain teeth, as well as your jaw joints. You also have the ability to straighten out overlapping teeth that are harder to clean.

Hillsview Dental Can Help You Improve Your Smile With ClearCorrect

At Hillsview Dental, people in and around Rapid City, SD have enjoyed superior smile care. For patients who want to do something about poor dental alignment, our practice can offer real improvements with ClearCorrect! To learn more about this procedure, or to find out more about the other services we provide, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652. We look forward to hearing from you!