Will Tartar Deposits Lead To Periodontal Problems?

One of the benefits patients enjoy when they effectively practice daily smile care is the prevention of tartar formation. Tartar, a hardened form of plaque, is something you can avoid, but not something you can remove on your own. If you have deposits of tartar at your gum line, you can face a real risk for gum disease. So what can you do to address the potential presence of tartar? During a routine cleaning at your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office, tartar can be effectively cleared away. This can stop future problems, and help you stay out of oral health trouble. If you need treatment for periodontal problems that have already developed, your dentist can talk to you about a proper treatment to reverse the condition.

Your Dentist Can Help You Restore Your Oral Health By Reversing Your Periodontal Condition

If you show signs of gingivitis, the early form of a periodontal infection, the problems can be reversed by a periodontal cleaning. This cleaning takes extra care of your smile by removing oral bacteria under your gum line, on areas of your teeth that are inaccessible through normal cleaning procedures. This can also be used as part of a larger strategy to help you maintain your smile if you have problems with advanced gum disease.

Smarter Preventive Habits Can Help You Lower Your Risk For Gum Disease

Better oral hygiene leads to a lower cavity risk, while also making it less likely your gums will become infected. You can protect yourself by brushing and flossing, and making sure you carefully clean the portions of your teeth that meet your gum line. Doing so consistently will make it less likely your smile will accumulate tartar.

Hillsview Dental Can Help You Address, And Prevent, Periodontal Problems

Hillsview Dental is proud to help individuals in and around Rapid City, SD maintain their best and healthiest smiles. We are ready to work with you on maintaining your oral health, and we can work with you to address problems that need professional care. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652. We can’t wait to hear from you!