Month: January 2019

Sleep Apnea’s Effect On Your Sleep Habits, And Your Health

Your full night’s rest may feel considerably less than restful when you wake up feeling groggy. When you have sleep apnea, you can struggle to receive the proper benefits of sleep because your sleep cycle is frequently interrupted by a loss of air. A person with obstructive sleep apnea will lose the ability to breathe… Read more »

Join The Fun At The Last Day To Skate Beach Party 2/23!

As cold as it can be at the beginning of the year, Rapid City will see warmer temperatures return. On Saturday, February 23, the ice skating season comes to an end at Main Street Square. To commemorate the close of this popular winter recreation, there will be a special Last Day To Skate Beach Party!… Read more »

Select The Right Clear Aligners For Your Orthodontic Work

Orthodontic work can be completed without ever requiring the use of metal braces. If you are approved for the use of clear aligners, your Rapid City, SD dentist can work with you on improving your dental alignment with a series of clear aligners. Over time, your teeth will be moved in order into proper alignment,… Read more »

Take Part In The 2019 Walk For Warmth Event!

During the cold winter months, some families can struggle with the costs that come with keeping their houses warm. The 2019 Walk For Warmth seeks to help community members in need through the raising of funds to offset these costs. This year will see people gather for the eighth annual Walk For Warmth event. The… Read more »

Use These Tips To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Regimen!

Your Rapid City, SD dentist is ready to help you by identifying and treating cavities, and issues with your periodontal health. When you come in for regular dental visits, you also have access to the kind of routine oral care that can reduce your risk for smile problems. Of course, you only see your dentist… Read more »

Check Out The Black Hills Sports Show And Outdoor Expo!

From Friday, February 8 through Sunday, February 10, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center will host the 37th annual Black Hills Sports Show And Outdoor Expo! This special event will bring together dealers and vendors to offer up exciting deals and information on a wide array of products. There will also be special demonstrations, activities, and… Read more »

Don’t Skip Your Checkups! Why Dental Exams Are Important

How long do you tend to go between dental visits? If you have been less than regular with your dental exams, or if you only see your dentist when you think something might be wrong, you can miss out on important preventive dental services. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you improve your defense… Read more »

A Receding Gum Line Can Be A Sign Of Periodontal Problems

Is gum disease really the kind of problem that needs to be taken seriously? Consider this – the leading cause of adult tooth loss is actually due to advanced periodontal problems. If you ignore early warning signs of gum disease, the problem can worsen and become difficult to treat, and a genuine threat to your… Read more »

An Implant-Held Prosthetic Can Offer Valuable Support

Life with tooth loss can quickly become deflating. Between your lost confidence in your smile, and frustrating dental troubles, this problem can take a toll on your quality of life. The problems can actually worsen over time, as you can be vulnerable to losing more teeth, and you can even start to lose mass in… Read more »

Clear Aligners Can Help Patients With Bite Alignment Issues

What are you really accomplishing by straightening your teeth? For many people, the reason to make corrections to alignment issues seems obvious – by doing so, you can improve your smile. You can certainly benefit from cosmetic improvements after orthodontic work, but there are additional benefits. One thing you should know is that you can… Read more »