Clear Aligners Can Help Patients With Bite Alignment Issues

What are you really accomplishing by straightening your teeth? For many people, the reason to make corrections to alignment issues seems obvious – by doing so, you can improve your smile. You can certainly benefit from cosmetic improvements after orthodontic work, but there are additional benefits. One thing you should know is that you can actually correct problems with your bite by straightening your smile. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk to you about making these corrections with ClearCorrect. Using ClearCorrect aligners allows you to fix the problems crooked teeth can cause without dealing with the more frustrating aspects of metal braces. 

Should I Be Worried About My Bite Alignment?

When your bite alignment is flawed, it can create several problems. Over time, a compromised bite can cause a person to experience TMJ dysfunction. After developing this issue, you can grow frustrated with frequent pain, and find it difficult to properly bite and chew. You can also wear down certain teeth due to the uneven way you apply biting pressure, making them more vulnerable to problems.

Understanding The Value Clear Aligners Provide To Patients

Clear aligners can offer benefits during orthodontic treatment that metal braces are just not able to match. You can enjoy a more discreet approach to your correction, as ClearCorrect aligners are made to be discreet. You can also feel better about these appliances because they can be removed when you want to clean your teeth, or when you eat. Over the course of your adjustment, you will move from one aligner to the next, with each one moving you closer to your final adjustment. There will not be a need for a manual adjustment, but your dentist can check on your progress during planned visits.

Your Dentist Can Help You Make Impressive Smile Changes

ClearCorrect aligners provide functional and cosmetic benefits. For many patients, a straightened smile can offer important changes. What you should know is that this is one of many procedures your dentist can use to help you improve on the way you look. You can explore a range of cosmetic dental procedures to learn how you can achieve your best results. In some cases, restorative dental work may be more appropriate to make improvements, as certain teeth may need more than just superficial support. This can be the case if particular teeth exhibit signs of damage, or notable wear and tear.

Hillsview Dental Can Offer Notable Orthodontic Results With Clear Aligners

At Hillsview Dental, patients interested in orthodontic work can look forward to the changes ClearCorrect can offer. If you have questions for Dr. Criss about aligners, or any other procedure, you can contact our practice today for more information. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.