Don’t Skip Your Checkups! Why Dental Exams Are Important

How long do you tend to go between dental visits? If you have been less than regular with your dental exams, or if you only see your dentist when you think something might be wrong, you can miss out on important preventive dental services. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you improve your defense against cavities and gum disease while alerting you to problems that can be addressed before they grow complicated. These appointments, along with smart daily dental care practiced at home, can help you better preserve the look and health of your smile. 

How Often Should You See Your Dentist For Routine Care?

A person should typically plan to see their dentist for routine preventive care on a semiannual basis. With that said, it is possible for your dentist to suggest a different schedule for you based on your needs. With a standard six month visiting schedule, you receive regular updates about the condition of your smile. Your visits will occur frequently enough for your dentist to recognize a problem that develops before the matter worsens, and needs more involved care. For instance, semiannual checkups can allow your dentist to stop a growing cavity before you need a root canal treatment.

What Can You Count On During A Typical Dental Exam?

During a typical routine exam, you can receive care through a thorough cleaning of your smile, and a careful evaluation of your teeth and gums. Both of these services have long-term benefits for you concerning your oral health. Your cleaning clears out any deposits of plaque or tartar that might create problems. Your evaluation is what can lead to the discovery of trouble. Because your dentist has advanced tools like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras for this study, problems that are hard to observe can be found, and addressed.

If Your Dentist Identifies An Oral Health Problem…

If you have spent a long period of time away from the dentist’s office, problems may be found during your initial visit. This might seem unpleasant, but without treatment, they could continue to worsen and create trouble for you. When trouble is spotted, your dentist can help you understand the nature of the problem, and talk to you about the recommended restorative dental procedure to address it.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Setting Up Your Next Regular Dental Exam

At Hillsview Dental, patients in and around the area of Rapid City, SD can look forward to expert smile care during every routine appointment. In addition to helping you address common problems like tooth decay and gum disease, Dr. Criss can also talk to you about addressing sleep apnea. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, please call Hillsview Dental at 605-342-6652.