Receiving Professional Care For A Periodontal Infection

What do you gain by talking to your Rapid City, SD dentist about treating a periodontal infection? You might not realize how serious gum disease can become if the problem goes untreated. When a person’s infection worsens, they can develop periodontitis, which can be difficult to manage. Over time, persistent gum problems can lead to a greater risk for tooth loss. Links between gum disease and health problems like heart disease and Alzheimer’s have also been identified. You can protect your gums with a smart oral hygiene routine. When signs of periodontal trouble are present, a deep cleaning can ensure your oral health issue is fully treated.

Dealing With Gum Disease Through A Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning goes beyond the kind of routine oral health cleaning you receive during a typical routine dental exam. During your deep cleaning, or periodontal cleaning, portions of teeth below your gum line are cleaned. By ridding bacteria from these spaces, your dentist can stop an infection, and return your gums to their proper health. If the condition is addressed in time, this can put an end to your troubles – if your condition has already progressed, this may be part of a bigger plan to fight for your periodontal health.

How Will I Know When Something Might Be Wrong With My Periodontal Health?

One reason to brush and floss while examining your smile is that you can look for signs of oral health trouble you may want addressed by your dentist. Periodontal troubles can be expressed through a swelling of periodontal tissues, or by reddened gums. You may also experience problems with more frequent bleeding. Bad breath is another symptom of gum disease – it may not be visible, but it is (unfortunately) a problem other people can identify.

Better Oral Hygiene Can Help You Protect Yourself Against Gum Disease

Protecting your smile effectively means protecting your teeth and your gums against harmful oral bacteria. You want to brush at least twice a day, and floss each day, to remove harmful agents that accumulate in your mouth. You should also make sure you are seeing your dentist regularly, even at those points where you are confident in the health of your smile. Taking advantage of these appointments can keep your teeth and gums protected, while also leading to the early identification of troubles that might require restorative dental work.

Hillsview Dental Can Offer Care For A Periodontal Infection

If you are in need of treatment for a periodontal infection, Hillsview Dental is ready to help you. Our Rapid City, SD dental practice welcomes individuals who are looking for treatment to address gum disease, and a range of other concerns. To plan your consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.