Month: March 2019

Arranging Your Implant Placement And Restoration

When your dental implant has been placed, and fitted with your custom restoration, you can be thrilled at how your smile looks. You can also be grateful for this restorative dental work when you bite, chew, and speak, as your implant can keep your prosthetic stable while you practice routine dental function. In the long… Read more »

Correct Bad Habits That Affect Your Oral Hygiene

You may have the best intentions with your current smile care routine, only to find that you still have issues with tooth decay, or signs of periodontal trouble. People can become so familiar with the tasks involved in routine oral care that they fail to notice small lapses that occur. You might have an effective… Read more »

Can You Trust Clear Aligners To Correct Your Crooked Teeth?

If you are tired of looking at a smile affected by poorly aligned teeth, or if you are worried your crooked smile is also affecting your oral health, you can find multiple orthodontic treatment options open to you. People who want to do something about their poor dental alignment can express some interest in clear… Read more »

See A Special Performance From The Black Hills Symphony 4/6!

On Saturday, April 6, the Black Hills Symphony will host a special performance at the Performing Arts Center Of Rapid City! The event will showcase a performance of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony – ostensibly a tribute to his home country, many have interpreted the piece as a stealthy critique of Communist Russia. It is also a… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Symptoms That Feel Like Sleep Loss

Feelings of fatigue can make your daily routine feel like a tough uphill fight. Grogginess can make you inattentive, and put you at risk for an accident while driving. You can also have issues with short-term memory, and feelings of irritability. If you are not sleeping enough at night, these symptoms are easy to understand…. Read more »

Same-Day Implants Can Offer A More Immediate Smile Recovery

You can be understandably excited to have your full smile restored after tooth loss. You can also be excited to learn how dental implants can give you remarkable functional support from your dental prosthetic. The process of restoring your full smile can be made shorter by the use of same-day implants. If you qualify for… Read more »

Check Out The Great American Book Festival May 11!

On Saturday, May 11, Rapid City families can go to the Great American Book Festival! This special event will bring authors from around the world together to take part in readings, book signings, and more! There will also be plenty of other family friendly activities taking place in downtown Rapid City for community members of… Read more »

Untreated Gum Disease Can Lead To Serious Smile Challenges

Are you making an oral health mistake today that can have long-term consequences? If you fail to recognize the impact of advanced gum disease, and you ignore signs of a periodontal infection, you may be at risk for future troubles. When an infection has the time to reach its advanced stage, periodontitis, it can become… Read more »

3 Important Benefits Gained From Regular Dental Exams

On any particular day, you should protect your teeth by brushing them at least twice, flossing at least once, and limiting your intake of sugary foods and drinks. A smart oral health care routine can help you sustain a better smile, and avoid the kind of problems that will demand intervention from your dentist. What… Read more »

Check Out The Cultural Expo At The SD School Of Mines

The South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology is hosting a special Cultural Expo, and the Rapid City community is invited to check it out! On Saturday, March 30, the school will welcome the public to visit the Cultural Expo, and learn more about worldwide communities and cultures by visiting various displays set up for… Read more »