Can You Trust Clear Aligners To Correct Your Crooked Teeth?

If you are tired of looking at a smile affected by poorly aligned teeth, or if you are worried your crooked smile is also affecting your oral health, you can find multiple orthodontic treatment options open to you. People who want to do something about their poor dental alignment can express some interest in clear aligners, which can shift teeth safely without requiring them to have metal braces placed on their teeth. While you might prefer this approach to traditional metal braces, you may wonder if it is the right solution for you. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk to you about your options for treatment with clear aligners, and what to expect during your adjustment period.

Clear Aligners Can Offer Patients An Appearance-Friendly Solution To Crooked Teeth

Clear aligners provide a more convenient, and more subtle, way to straighten your teeth. Your smile will be gradually changed by a series of appliances made with clear material, so they are hard to observe. In addition to being hard to notice, you can look forward to having an appliance you can easily remove before brushing and flossing, or before you eat.

Discussing Orthodontic Work Via Clear Aligners With Your Dentist

Clear aligners can provide you with a way to improve the way you smile looks. They can also help improve your bite function, which can reduce your chances of developing TMJ dysfunction and bruxism, and lower your risk for tooth decay by making it easier to keep your teeth clean. After reviewing the current state of your smile, your dentist can give you more detailed information about clear braces, and what you can look forward to after your adjustment. You can also learn more about the different options open to you. In addition to ClearCorrect aligners, our practice can provide MTM Clear Aligners, which can make results available in less time!

What Should You Expect During – And After – Your Adjustment Using Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are meant to be a less intrusive strategy for fixing poor dental alignment. On a typical day, you should be able to wear your appliances confidently, as you should not have to worry about them attracting attention. You can also find it easier to fit them into your daily routine, because they can be taken out when they might be in your way. One thing you should avoid is leaving them off for extended periods, as you can delay the timeline for your adjustment.

Hillsview Dental Can Offer Clear Aligners As An Answer To Crooked Teeth

If you are ready to make improvements to your smile by straightening your teeth, set up an appointment with Dr. Criss at Hillsview Dental! Our practice can talk to you about your options for orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.