Dental Implants Offer A More Stable Solution For Tooth Loss

Taking care of tooth loss can improve more than just your smile. When you have the right prosthetic in place, you can feel more confident about biting, chewing, and speaking. You can also enjoy protection against the long-term oral health issues created by tooth loss. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can restore your full smile with dental implant-held prosthetic work. You can find that with the support of a dental implant, or implants, you feel as though your full smile has been returned to you. You can also find that your confidence in the way you look is improved, too, as your dentist can restore your implant with a lifelike prosthetic.

What Can I Really Expect From A Dental Prosthetic?

When you have a dental prosthetic held in place with a dental implant, you can expect that prosthetic to stay in place when you bite and chew. This means you no longer have to worry about consciously shifting your food to avoid that awkward gap where you have a missing tooth. By practicing a more natural dental function, you can also reduce pressure on your jaw joints, which will lower your risk for problems with recurring discomfort. In addition to having functional value, your prosthetic can also make your smile look full again, which can serve as a welcome confidence boost.

Undergoing Dental Implant Placement And Restoration

Before your implant is placed, your dentist will perform a careful study to assess the current state of your oral health, and your jawbone. This review is an important one, and it is performed using advanced digital imaging technology. Once your dentist approves you, your implant placement can be planned. Many people who receive implants have to go to a specialist for their placement. Your dentist is able to make this step more convenient, as your placement can be planned in the office. Once you have undergone an appropriate healing period, you can return to have your dentist restore your smile by placing your prosthetic on your implant.

In some cases, a person can be approved for a same-day implant. This special implant features a temporary crown already in place – once it is set, you can start showing off a complete smile sooner!

Enjoying Life After Your Smile Is Restored

What kind of chances can you enjoy after your implant is placed, healed, and restored? For starters, you can start showing off a complete smile! You can also find it easier to bite and chew tougher foods that you may have given up after losing a tooth, or losing teeth. With your implant in place, you can even count on better jawbone health. As time passes, a person who has suffered tooth loss can lose mass in their jawbone. Your implant stimulates the bone, stopping this deterioration from affecting you.

Hillsview Dental Is Ready To Offer A More Stable Solution For Tooth Loss

Hillsview Dental is ready to help people in and around Rapid City, SD enjoy a complete smile once again! For information on how you can rely on dental implants to hold a lifelike prosthetic, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.