A Prosthetic Can Be More Than Just A Smile Improvement

Providing an attractive dental restoration to replace a missing tooth can give you a renewed sense of confidence in how you look when you smile. With that said, there is actually more to gain from prosthetic dental work than just a more attractive smile. Just as the loss of a tooth can negatively impact your dental function, an implant-held restoration can make noteworthy improvements. You can visit your Rapid City, SD dentist to discuss having a dental implant placed to hold a lifelike individual prosthetic tooth, or you can have several placed to hold a larger restoration, like a denture.

The Role A Dental Implant Plays In Making Your Smile Whole Again

The dental implant used to hold your smile will have important benefits in the long term, as well as short-term benefits you can appreciate. An implant keeps your restoration in place well enough to have a positive impact on your oral health function. This means you can return to more comfortable and natural biting and chewing motions, which can reduce pressure on your jaw joints. This can also mean distributing the pressures created when biting and chewing more evenly, so you will not have particular teeth taking on more stress. That can delay wear and tear, and make it less likely you will need restorative dental work on those particular teeth.

Planning Your Implant Placement And Restoration

Your dentist can talk with you about arranging your dental implant placement, and set up a time to fit that implant with your custom restoration. Before placement can occur, the ideal location of your implant will be identified using advanced imaging technology. Once the necessary work to plan your implant placement is completed, your dentist can move forward with plans to insert it.

There is a period of healing that needs to take place before your implant can be restored. Typically, a span of four or six months is needed to allow for proper recovery. Once your jaw is appropriately healed, you can have your implant restored with a lifelike restoration.

You Can Show Off A Better Smile Sooner, Thanks To A Same-Day Implant

Patients who qualify for same-day implants can look forward to a restored smile without the typical waiting period associated with implant placement and restoration. Once approved, you can move forward with a plan to receive an implant that has a temporary crown affixed – once this is in place, your smile can appear restored, so you will not have to wait before you can show off the cosmetic benefits of prosthetic dental work!

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Restoring Your Incomplete Smile With A Dental Implant

At Hillsview Dental, patients can be excited to find out about the benefits of dental implants in prosthetic care! Our practice is ready to work with people in and around Rapid City, SD who want to show off a complete smile once again. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.