Making Good Oral Health Decisions Every Morning

You should be mindful of your oral health throughout your day. After all, your teeth face threats from problems like tooth decay and gum disease throughout the day as oral bacteria gather, and you expose those bacteria to different substances when you eat and drink. With that said, your mornings can be a time when smart smile habits are particularly beneficial. In addition to being part of the day where you attempt to clean your teeth, you can make decisions that affect your risk for tooth decay based on your typical breakfast decisions. Remember that in addition to practicing good daily habits, you should take advantage of the routine dental checkups provided by your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office.

Make Sure You Take Time Each Morning To Properly Clean Your Teeth

If you like to reach for the snooze button in the mornings, you should be mindful that your habit could leave you without the time you need to properly clean your teeth. Brushing should take at least two minutes, and you should give the task your attention – if you rush, or you brush while distracted, you are more likely to miss areas, and allow bacteria to build up. Remember that you need to give your gum line attention, as bacteria that build up there can cause gum disease.

What Are Your Breakfast Choices Doing To Your Smile?

How likely are you to sit down to a healthy breakfast on a typical morning? While sugary products can be convenient, and easy to find, they can do more harm to your enamel than you might anticipate. Juices can be high in sugar, and acidic enough to soften and weaken your enamel. You should also think about your morning routine’s affect on your appearance. Coffee may help you wake up, but it can also lead to teeth stains that call for a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Struggling To Feel Refreshed When You Wake Up? It Could Be Sleep Apnea

Just about everyone can have the kind of morning where they simply lack motivation. However, if you frequently wake up feeling groggy, even if you made a point to go to bed early, you could be feeling the effects of sleep apnea. Because sleep apnea makes it harder for you to complete your sleep cycles, you can lack that rested feeling during the day. Your dentist can solve problems with obstructive sleep apnea by offering a special oral appliance that keeps your breathing passages open while you sleep.

Talk To Hillsview Dental To Make Sure Your Oral Health Is Effectively Managed

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