Clear Aligners Offer An Exciting Path To A Better Smile

If you want to do something about your appearance because of alignment flaws like gaps and overlaps, you may fear that the only path to smile improvements you can take is one that involves metal braces. For those who could benefit from these appliances, they offer important corrections – beyond improving your smile, an adjustment can also help you prevent dental problems more easily, and reduce your risk for TMJ issues. With that said, you can find that with clear aligners, you can enjoy the benefits of a straightened smile without a fixed appliance! If you have questions about treatment, or if you are ready to plan your adjustment, make an appointment with your Rapid City, SD dentist to learn more!

Life With Clear Aligners Can Be An Easier Adjustment Than You Might Expect

How will your experience with clear aligners differ from your life before starting your adjustment? Wearing these appliances is certainly a change, but it is a change that can have little impact on your routine. If your aligners are in your way because you are about to eat, or because you need to clean your teeth, they are easy to remove. If you are worried about how the presence of aligners might affect your appearance, you can be relieved to see how hard it is to notice them when worn.

Choosing The Right Clear Aligners For You

More than one type of appliance is available from our practice. ClearCorrect aligners are discreet, convenient, and effective at straightening gaps and overlaps that have negatively impacted your smile. If you want to enjoy impressive results in less time, you may want to ask about MTM Clear Aligners. In addition to providing the kind of benefits that ClearCorrect can offer, patients who qualify to have their teeth adjusted with MTM aligners can see results in a shorter time. This is because these appliances are designed to focus on moving teeth in the front of your smile, leading to the results you want with less delay.

What Other Options Do You Have For Improving Your Smile?

If you are concerned about more than just poor dental alignment, you may want to look into a different cosmetic dental procedure. We offer services like teeth whitening treatments, which allow you to remove unattractive teeth stains that have accumulated on your enamel. We can also provide improvements with porcelain veneers, which improve the shape, size, and color of teeth when placed!

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Improving Your Smile With Clear Aligners!

Hillsview Dental is proud to make quality care available to residents of Rapid City, SD, and surrounding areas. If you have questions about treatment with clear aligners, or if you wish to learn about any other services that we provide, please let us know! To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.