Let’s Talk About Same-Day Implants And Your Smile

Let’s talk about your smile – if you are missing a tooth, particularly one in a visible area, you may feel less than confident in the way it looks. Few problems with your oral health are as disruptive as tooth loss. After all, you can have cosmetic problems as a result, in addition to difficulties with your dental function, and a higher risk for losing more teeth! Properly addressing this issue can take time. While dental implants make it possible to significantly improve your appearance and dental function after tooth loss, the waiting period between your implant’s placement and restoration can make you impatient. If you qualify, you can actually have your appearance restored sooner thanks to a same-day implant from your Rapid City, SD dentist!

What Are Same-Day Implants?

Same-day implants are dental implants that are already fitted with a restoration. While this is not the permanent restoration that you will ultimately receive, it is a lifelike crown that can address that gap in your smile. When you have one placed, you can spend your healing period between an implant’s placement, and the restoration of your implant, showing off a complete smile!

Who Qualifies To Receive Same-Day Implants?

In order to be approved for a same-day implant, a patient’s jaw health needs to be evaluated. This can be an issue for people because over time, the area of your jawbone where your tooth was once located can deplete from a lack of stimulation. If you want to see if a same-day implant will work for you, make an appointment as soon as possible, to limit the potential amount of deterioration that your jaw might suffer.

The Importance Of Acting Quickly To Address Tooth Loss

Acting quickly to address tooth loss means spending less time with an incomplete smile, and limiting your risk for jaw problems that make you a poor candidate for a same-day implant. You can be happy to know that when your work is complete, you can feel as though you have your natural smile returned to you! Of course, if you have been delaying prosthetic work, you should not feel discouraged from seeking out help. With the right treatment, your dentist can ensure that you have your missing tooth replaced, so that you can also enjoy the advantages that are delivered with prosthetic work!

Hillsview Dental Can Restore Smiles With Same-Day Implants

Same-day implants at Hillsview Dental can give you back your complete smile with less wait! These modern prosthetic appliances can restore your confidence, so you can feel great about your appearance while you wait to have modern prosthetic work completed. Our practice is proud to offer this as one of many beneficial services to those with oral health issues. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.