To Enjoy Better Results From Brushing, Avoid These Mistakes

When you do something every day, you should feel confident that your routine is benefiting you. While people often claim to keep up with a good oral care regimen by brushing and flossing, they sometimes fail to realize how they might be failing to provide effective protection for their smile. If your brushing habits are not as effective as they should be, you can find yourself in need of restorative dental work! At our Rapid City, SD dental practice, we are able to offer an expert teeth cleaning during each of your routine checkups. While these cleaning services matter, what you do for your teeth between every appointment also matters to your overall oral health!

Remember To Replace Your Toothbrush!

In pretty much any task that requires the use of a tool, the quality of the tool you use can be important. This is certainly true of brushing – if you continue to use a toothbrush after the bristles have become worn out, your teeth may not receive the quality cleaning you intended to give them! A toothbrush should typically be replaced at around the three month mark. Of course, if a toothbrush is already looking worn, or if you have recently been ill, you should consider replacing it before reaching that mark.

Are You Using A Dependable Toothpaste?

There are many different toothpaste products available. Different brands offer different flavors, and some pastes promise extra benefits, like a superior whitening effect. One thing you should do is make sure that the brand of your toothpaste is ADA-approved. The seal of approval is an important reassurance that you can expect your toothpaste to provide the support needed to keep your enamel free of decay. All ADA-approved toothpaste products feature fluoride, which helps you preserve healthy teeth.

Give Your Gum Line Attention When You Brush

Brushing may be important for fighting cavities, but this is not the only benefit your cleaning provides. When you clean at your gum line, you protect yourself against the bacteria that gather there. If those bacteria are not being cleared away, you face a greater risk for gum disease! If you are experiencing issues with gingivitis, you may need to pay closer attention to the motions you use when brushing. If your bristles are not passing your gum line, you are not enjoying the kind of cleaning experience your smile really deserves!

Hillsview Dental Is Ready To Help You Enjoy A Healthier Smile!

Hillsview Dental is ready to help you maintain a healthy smile! At every routine appointment, we can provide you with a professional teeth cleaning, in addition to a thorough evaluation. By keeping up with professional visits, and maintaining good habits at home, you can enjoy fantastic smile health! To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.