Using An Oral Appliance To Correct Your Sleep Apnea

How important is it to treat sleep apnea? The problem is a potentially serious one, as it is capable of affecting your health in several ways, and it can make a full night’s rest effectively unobtainable. While snoring occurs because of partial airway blockages, obstructive sleep apnea is more serious – it completely blocks your airway, and makes your body break the sleep cycle to clear the obstruction. Because of this, sleep apnea should certainly be regarded as a more serious matter, one that should be addressed. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can offer an alternative to sleep apnea treatment with a CPAP machine. Instead of this apparatus, which people can find uncomfortable, you can use an oral appliance that keeps your airways clear throughout the night.

How Serious Can Sleep Apnea Be?

If you do nothing about sleep apnea, the problem can grow significant over time. You might have problems with your ability to stay focused on a typical day, and you can feel groggy and restless often. The problems are not limited to these day-to-day effects. Because you are going without sleep for an extended period of time, you can have a harder time managing issues like diabetes, as well as mental health concerns. You can also have a harder time managing your blood pressure, and you face a higher risk for heart disease!

How A Custom Oral Appliance Can Help You Rest Properly

How can you count on an oral appliance to help you, instead of a CPAP machine? Your custom-made appliance is able to keep your airways clear throughout the night by holding your jaw in place. That correction stops your soft tissues in your throat from interfering with your breathing. As a result, you sleep throughout the night without the interference of airway blockages!

Your Dentist Can Help You Address A Range Of Possible Problems

You and your dentist can talk about your snoring, and other issues that might be related to sleep apnea, during a routine dental exam. If you are not keeping up with general dental care, this might surprise you. What you should know is that on top of helping you avoid cavities, and providing support to help you maintain your oral hygiene, your dentist can help you protect your overall health. Dealing with sleep apnea can make it easier for you to avoid larger troubles with your well-being. Periodontal care is also important in this regard, as the health of your gums can seriously impact your ability to maintain your overall health.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Treating Sleep Apnea With An Oral Appliance

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