The Advantages To Orthodontic Work With Clear Aligners

If you started orthodontic treatment today, would you prefer to have an appliance that draws attention to itself, or one that can discreetly move your teeth into better alignment? Clear aligners have allowed many people to finally do something about poorly spaced, poorly aligned teeth WITHOUT spending time with metal braces. In addition to being discreet, these clear braces also make it possible for you to remove your appliance any time they might be in your way. At our Rapid City, SD dental practice, we can talk to you about enjoying a successful orthodontic treatment that can offer these patient-friendly advantages over traditional appliances.

Enjoy A Discreet Option For Orthodontic Treatment

Simply put, people who worry about orthodontic work often have their concerns centered on an experience provided by metal braces. By choosing clear aligners instead of traditional bracket-and-wire appliances, you will be able to avoid issues with the way you look, while also appreciating the convenience of having removable aligners. The ability to make orthodontic work convenient makes clear aligners particularly popular with adults, as metal braces are often linked to adolescence, making them especially uncomfortable later in life.

Choosing Your Preferred Clear Aligner

Our practice can provide more than one option for your clear aligners! ClearCorrect clear braces are made to blend in with your appearance, so others have a hard time noticing them. They can be removed by you whenever you need to clean your teeth or eat, so they are not intrusive. MTM Clear Aligners can also offer these benefits. You can also enjoy an additional advantage – these appliances are designed to produce results in less time, so orthodontic work can be over sooner. Even with the benefits of using clear aligners available to them, patients who qualify can be understandably keen to have their improved smile ready to show off in less time!

Orthodontic Work Can Lead To Many Benefits

Orthodontic work can make quality improvements to your smile that boost your confidence, and make you feel more attractive. This work is also capable of delivering important oral health benefits. You can reduce your risk for problems with teeth grinding when you have your adjustment performed. You can also address overlaps between teeth that may make it difficult for you to prevent cavities, and practice effective oral care.

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Starting Orthodontic Work With Clear Aligners

At Hillsview Dental, our patients can look forward to a positive experience with clear aligners! These alternative appliances can make orthodontic work more discreet, and easier to fit into your daily life. This is one of many modern services that we can provide to help you improve your smile, and your quality of life. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.