Is Your Daytime Fatigue Being Caused By Sleep Apnea?

Is it just another long day at work, or is something else causing you to experience daytime fatigue? It probably will not surprise you to hear that daytime fatigue can be more common when people fail to enjoy a full night’s rest. What you should also know is that your struggles with feeling properly refreshed and recharged may be linked to sleep apnea. In addition to causing a person to snore loudly at night, sleep apnea interferes with the sleep cycle by forcing an individual awake due to a lack of air. Our Rapid City, SD dental practice can help you deal with sleep apnea issues by providing you with a custom appliance. When worn, it will position your jaw in order to keep your airways open.

Identifying Signs Of Sleep Apnea

When you frequently feel fatigued, even when you believe you enjoyed a full night of rest, you could be dealing with sleep apnea. When dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, a person’s air flow is interrupted by soft tissues in their throat blocking their breathing passages. Your body has to wake itself up to clear these obstructions. You might not remember being awake, but you still lose out on the important benefits of truly effective rest. You can feel tired during the day, and have problems with snoring at night, if the problem goes untreated. Over a prolonged period, this condition can make it harder for you to manage other health matters, and it can increase your risk for heart disease!

Using A Special Appliance To Help You Rest Properly

Rather than try to use a CPAP machine to correct your issues with obstructive sleep apnea, you may be able to use a custom appliance offered at our practice. The appliance is shaped to fit comfortably when you wear it, so you can avoid problems that make it harder for you to sleep. When in place, it will keep your jaw in a position that stops soft tissues from intruding on your breathing. As a result, you continue to breathe – and sleep – through the night, and avoid issues with sleep apnea!

Can Better Sleep Help You Improve Your Oral Health?

Being able to rest properly can have several benefits that improve your quality of life. Feeling better rested can make you more alert in the mornings, so you can do a better job cleaning your teeth. You can also resist the urge to seek quick energy boosts from sweets that carry cavity risks. This change can also be good for your smile, as you can be less dependent on coffee, and avoid the potential teeth staining effect this beverage can have!

Talk To Hillsview Dental About Sleep Apnea

At Hillsview Dental, patients who are struggling with obstructive sleep apnea can count on our practice for important support! We offer custom guards that allow you to deal with your sleep apnea troubles without the use of a CPAP machine. If you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian G. Criss, call Hillsview Dental today at 605-342-6652.