I Snore At Night – Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Your snoring habit can embarrass you. It can make falling asleep more difficult for your partner. Is it a warning of something serious? Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, which can be a problem for your overall health. With that said, snoring does not necessarily mean you have this problem. If you feel unsure of whether you have this condition or not, you can look for other symptoms. Because sleep apnea interferes with your sleep cycle, you can exhibit the signs of sleeplessness, or a lack of sleep. That can mean fatigue, or irritability, as well as troubles with concentration and short-term memory. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can provide you with support if you need to address sleep apnea by offering you a special appliance that keeps your airways clear at night. (more…)

Taking Care Of Gum Troubles Through A Periodontal Cleaning

If your gums are experiencing problems, a lack of treatment can lead to the onset of more difficult issues. When you first see signs of gum disease, you can be affected by gingivitis. This is a reversible condition, which means you can restore your smile to good health. Unfortunately, an advanced case of gum disease can be more difficult to treat. If the problem is insufficiently addressed, it can lead to harm that will increase your risk for suffering tooth loss. If you start to show signs of poor periodontal health, you should take action. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can provide you with a periodontal cleaning, also known as a scaling and root planing, to address the threat, and return your smile to a healthy state. (more…)

The Harlem Globetrotters Will Be In Rapid City Nov 1!

On Thursday, November 1, you can bring your family out to see the Harlem Globetrotters in action! The team will welcome fans to see stunts, tricks, and a great game at Barnett Arena. In addition to performing, Globetrotters will be available for autographs, and to meet with fans. The team has been around for more than ninety years, and has performed on a whopping six continents! You can look forward to a stellar performance that is sure to delight audience members of all ages. Your Rapid City, SD dentist encourages families to keep up with the great events happening in the area. We also want to remind you to have your routine dental exams scheduled(more…)

Tobacco Products Can Hurt Your Smile, And Your Oral Health

Your teeth can give you away as a tobacco user. Over time, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can leave stains in your enamel, and give your smile a dull, unattractive yellowish tint. This can have the effect of aging you, and generally making you less confident in your appearance. With that said, tobacco can cause more than just cosmetic dental problems. You can face a greater chance of developing gum disease, and you can experience a higher potential risk for oral cancer. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you maintain your healthiest smile through regular preventive dental care. You can also talk to your dentist about the appropriate cosmetic dental work to address the esthetic effects of tobacco use. (more…)

Are You Ignoring Signs Of Oral Health Trouble?

Some smile problems can form without causing you any immediate alarm. For instance, you may not feel any immediate discomfort when a cavity starts to form on your tooth. If you can fail to notice a cavity’s formation, what can you do to make sure your smile is really in good condition? Regular dental exams lead to the recognition of problems in their early stage, so that you can receive prompt care. This is why patients should plan on checkups every six months, even when they feel fine. Unfortunately, there are individuals who skip checkups. Even when something feels like it might be wrong, they can delay a trip for treatment. This kind of behavior can put you at risk for more advanced problems. (more…)

Test Your Knowledge Of Cavities With Our Quiz!

Here’s one thing you definitely need to know about cavities – if you have one, you need to see your dentist for the appropriate restorative dental treatment. In fact, you should make that treatment a priority, as your condition will worsen over time if nothing is done to stop the matter. Cavities are a well-known threat to our oral health. When one forms, it can lead to an irreversible eroding of dental material, and – if nothing is done in time – one can cause serious internal problems for your tooth. Fortunately, with smart smile care at home, and regular visits to your Rapid City, SD dentist for routine dental checkups, you can control your cavity threat, and maintain better oral health. (more…)

This Year’s Great Downtown Pumpkin Festival Is Sept 29!

On Saturday, September 29, Rapid City residents can take part in this year’s Great Downtown Pumpkin Festival! This year marks the tenth year of this special event, which will transform the area of Main Street Square. You and your family can take part in a wealth of activities, which will include games, special activities, and many different vendors. The Great Downtown Pumpkin Festival gives the people of Rapid City an exciting way to welcome the fall season! With the approach of fall, it can feel like the year is close to its end. When was the last time you came in for a checkup with your Rapid City, SD dentist? Patients are recommended to visit semiannually, to ensure that their teeth are in good health. (more…)

3 Benefits To Enjoy After Orthodontic Care With ClearCorrect

When you start your orthodontic treatment using ClearCorrect aligners, you can be excited to enjoy corrective work with discreet appliances. You can wear your ClearCorrect aligners in professional and social settings without them drawing notice, and you can remove them when you need to eat, or before you clean your teeth. Your benefits of treatment go beyond convenience – you can enjoy real improvements after your ClearCorrect treatment concludes. Your Rapid City, SD dentist is proud to offer this approach to orthodontic correction. By providing this form of corrective work, you can feel great about how you look when you smile, and enjoy meaningful oral health benefits. (more…)

How Worried Should You Be About Tartar?

Is tartar something you should be worried about? This substance can pose problems because your brushing and flossing efforts can fail to help against it. It is possible for you to prevent tartar – by keeping up with good brushing and flossing practices, you can remove plaque before any concentration of this material has the opportunity to harden and form tartar. It is also possible to have tartar removed during a routine dental cleaning during your checkup at your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office. You should certainly worry about tartar, but you can use a combination of daily and professional care to keep your smile safe from the potential effects it might have on your oral health. (more…)

Check Out The Second Annual Harvest Festival Sept 8!

On Saturday, September 8, you can experience the second annual Harvest Festival, hosted by the Youth And Family Services (YFS) group! During this outdoor event, educational and interactive activities will be set up for everyone to enjoy. You can learn more about bees, and sample honey. You can also see live animals, take part in games, enjoy healthy snacks, and hear live music! This event encourages people to come out and enjoy nature, while also learning more about healthy living! If you want to remain healthy, the right snacks are important – for your body, and your smile. Limiting your sugar intake, and making time to see your Rapid City, SD dentist for regular exams, can help you keep your teeth in top shape. (more…)