Using A Crown To Restore Damage From Teeth Grinding

Your teeth face threats from oral bacteria, as well as from biting and chewing pressures. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, particularly at night, you can potentially create enough force to chip or crack a tooth. If this happens, you may need a dental crown to provide the appropriate support. Your dentist can have you protected with a life-like crown in just a single appointment, thanks to CEREC technology. While this certainly addresses the problem of dental damage, the problem of teeth grinding still needs to be confronted. With a special oral appliance, your dentist can help you avoid future issues with dental damage caused by this habit. (more…)

Quiz: ClearCorrect Can Offer Important Smile Improvements

When you think about undergoing orthodontic work, you may imagine yourself with metal braces, and feel less than thrilled at the prospect of your treatment. What you might not realize is that you can qualify for orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect, meaning your aligners will be difficult to see. In addition to avoiding any intrusion on your appearance, these aligners can be removed, so you can take them off when you need to eat, or clean your teeth. With that said, you should make sure to keep them in as often as possible, to avoid treatment delays. While there are apparent cosmetic benefits to straightening your teeth, you should know that there are additional benefits, as you can have an easier time avoiding oral health issues. (more…)

Quiz: Asking Your Dentist For Help With Sleep Apnea

How can sleep apnea interfere with your life? You may recognize this condition because it causes you to snore at night, but this is hardly the only effect it can have. Patients who leave a problem with sleep apnea untreated are failing to achieve the proper benefits of a full night’s rest, even if they believe they slept for a full eight hours. This is because sleep apnea forces your body to wake itself, in order to clear your airways, which breaks your sleep cycle. Some of the effects from this include grogginess, issues with short-term memory, and irritability. It can also have a serious effect on your health by affecting your blood pressure, and causing problems for existing health concerns. Your dentist may be able to help – if you have obstructive sleep apnea, a special oral appliance can be used to keep your airways clear through the night. You can bring the problem to your dentist’s attention, or address concerns about poor sleep during a routine dental exam. (more…)

Catch The First Movie Under The Stars Event June 4

This summer, Rapid City families will be able to enjoy great family movies under the night’s sky, thanks to the Movie Under The Stars series! These screenings are all free to the public, and they provide a chance to catch up on some of the popular films, with a collection of newer and popular older titles. On Monday, June 4, the first screening will take place, with Paddington 2 screened for area families. This screening is sponsored by Black Hills Energy – different groups have taken on sponsorship for each night of the Movie Under The Stars series. This will be a weekly occurrence, with the movies starting at around 8:30, or when dusk has settled and created the right viewing atmosphere. (more…)

Find The Right Way To Make Your Smile Brighter

Would you be interested in having a whiter smile? The color of your teeth can play a big part in giving you a smile that lights up a room. Unfortunately, even people who maintain good oral health habits on a consistent basis can see their color start to dull over time. If you are interested in making your teeth brighter, talk to your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. This can lead to amazing results, and give you a transformed appearance in less time than you might think. It is worth noting that some issues with dental discoloration revolve around internal issues, rather than teeth stains. While these internal issues can persist after a whitening treatment, your dentist can help you by providing a cosmetic dental procedure that leads to real changes. (more…)

Receiving Denture Support From All-On-4 Implants

If you rely on dentures to replace your lost teeth, you may be interested in finding out how you can enjoy the most comfortable experience with this prosthetic appliance. In the past, the only way to support dentures was to use epoxies, or suction, to keep them in place. However, your dentist can provide you with an advanced form of support with All-On-4 Implants. With All-On-4, you can have a sequence of implants that keeps your dentures secured. This placement will mean superior support, which can make you feel more comfortable, and confident. Because implants can offer important support for the health of your jaw, this can also lead to valuable oral health benefits. (more…)

How CEREC Can Help You Enjoy Restorative Care In Less Time

Restoring your problem tooth sooner means you have less of a wait before you can return to normal dental function. It also means you can put an earlier stop to worrying about your vulnerable tooth. Your dentist offers dental crowns produced with CEREC technology, which can mean your problem tooth has all the care it needs after a single appointment! It should be noted that CEREC offers more than convenience. Because the crowns produced are made from ceramic, you can look forward to having a restoration that will blend in naturally with your smile, and give you more confidence in how you look. (more…)

Check Out The Annual Black Hills Quilt Show And Sale

From Friday, June 1 through Sunday, June 3, you can see the annual Black Hills Quilt Show And Sale, which will be set up at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center! During this three day event, there will be impressive quilts on display from a number of talented quilt makers, and plenty of vendors available with supplies to help you with your own quilt work. Now in its forty-forth year, the Black Hills Quilt Show And Sale gives area residents a chance to see striking, vivid quilts made from talented artists. Tickets are needed to attend the show, but parking will be free. (more…)

If My Teeth Seem Healthy, Why Should I Go In For A Checkup?

People who make time for routine physicals will go in looking for an update about their overall health, because they know that some problems may not manifest with obvious symptoms. In other words, they might feel fine, but they may have a developing concern they need to know about. When it comes to your smile, it can also be hard to know when everything is truly fine. You may be suffering from the development of a cavity without realizing it. You could also be mistaken about the cause of problems like headaches, and stiffness in your neck and shoulders – these can be symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, which your dentist can help with. If you attend regular dental checkups, you can receive a breakdown of the health of your smile, and be better protected against oral health threats…even the ones you aren’t aware you are facing. (more…)

Are Cavities Having An Effect On Your Smile?

Cavities can pose a threat to your oral health, but can they also make trouble for your smile? Poor oral health can hurt your appearance, as your teeth can become worn, discolored, and generally less attractive. Past restorations have also been trouble for your appearance, because they could be a conspicuous presence among your teeth. Fortunately, with access to modern restorative dental care, your smile can look good after cavity treatment. This is made possible by the life-like materials used to construct dental crowns and dental fillings. As reassuring as it can be to learn that your smile will look great after treatment, you can also be glad to know these restorations are capable of staying secure for many years. (more…)