Why Wait? CEREC Crowns Offer A Restored Tooth In One Visit

Tooth problems can be irritating, painful, and a frustrating inconvenience. If you need restorative dental care, you should seek to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Fortunately, CEREC technology has made it possible to complete restorative work that requires a dental crown in just a single appointment. With this technology in the office, your dentist can design and place your crown in one appointment. This means you will not be left waiting for a dental lab to complete your restoration, and you will not have to rely on a temporary crown. (more…)

Enjoy A Better Night’s Rest After Treating Sleep Apnea

If you go to bed at a decent hour, and sleep through the night, you would expect to feel rested. For people suffering from sleep apnea, the restorative benefits of sleep can be elusive, even if they believe they receive a full eight hours of rest. Sleep apnea is diagnosed when a person’s airways are frequently blocked during the night, cutting off their ability to breathe. Your body must “wake up” frequently to deal with your inability to breathe, which disrupts your sleep cycle. Your dentist can help you keep your breathing passages open by providing you with a special mouth guard. The guard positions your jaw so that your airways stay open, and you fully rest at night. (more…)

How Many Dental Checkups Should You Attend Per Year?

Typically, patients should plan to attend two dental checkups per year, unless your dentist feels that you would be better off with a different plan. At each of these visits, you will have a review of your oral health, as well as a careful cleaning of your teeth. Both parts of your routine visit are important. Patients who regularly see their dentist have better information regarding the condition of their smile, and receive valuable preventive care. Maintaining a proper checkup schedule means limiting your risk for problems, and having restorative dental care promptly provided when trouble does start to form. (more…)

3 Reasons To Have A CEREC Crown Protect A Vulnerable Tooth

Our teeth do have the ability to recover from small amounts of damage, but in many cases, the harm a tooth incurs will be permanent. To address the matter, restorative dental care can be required. If you need lasting support for a tooth, talk to your dentist about receiving a CEREC dental crown. In the past, dental crowns have been supplied by dental labs, and waiting for their completion meant spending time relying on a temporary crown. Thanks to CEREC technology, your dentist can offer you your permanent restoration after a single appointment. (more…)

How Routine Dental Care And Cavity Treatment Are Connected

If you want to make sure you stay free of cavities, and avoid needing restorative dental work, you should take advantage of regular checkups with your dentist. Preventive dental care gives you a big advantage in your fight against tooth decay. At each appointment, your smile receives an expert cleaning, and you have your oral health thoroughly examined for problems. Of course, your at-home care will also play a big part in keeping your teeth healthy. Brushing and flossing thoroughly, and keeping your sugar intake low, will also help you protect your teeth from cavities. (more…)

Can Sleep Apnea Lead To Heart Disease?

Sleep apnea is more than just a pesky habit of snoring when you sleep. When a person experiences sleep apnea, they are losing air for an extended period of time, and their body will “wake up” so the blockage of their airway can be cleared. This will lead to frequent disruptions in your sleep cycle, which can be hazardous to your health. Essentially, you are being robbed of a full night’s rest, even if you do not remember waking up during the night. This can lead to many worrying issues, including an increase in your blood pressure, and an elevated issue for potentially catastrophic health problems like heart disease, and strokes. If you need relief from this problem, you can talk to your dentist, who can supply sleep apnea relief without a CPAP machine. (more…)

How A CEREC Crown Can Support Your Tooth After An Injury

A dental injury can put you in urgent need of care from your dentist. Because our teeth will not heal from damage on their own, restorative dental care is needed in the event of harm. Many people who have a chipped or cracked tooth will receive support in the form of a dental crown. Crowns can offer enough support to let you bite and chew like normal, while also keeping a vulnerable tooth protected against infection. CEREC technology makes it possible for your dentist to equip your injured tooth with a crown after just one appointment. (more…)

Why A Detailed Dental Cleaning Is Part Of Your Routine Exam

Why does your hygienist have to perform a detailed dental cleaning as part of every routine dental exam? If you are doing your part, and staying on top of preventive oral care tasks, is this really necessary? Patients receive a big benefit from these routine cleanings. In addition to being better equipped to reach spaces that are difficult to access, your hygienist is able to remove tartar, a tough substance you cannot rid your teeth of on your own. By undergoing these cleanings, you reduce your risk for future cavities. (more…)

Is An Untreated Snoring Problem Putting Your Health At Risk?

If you snore during the night, you may worry about keeping your partner awake, and feel self-conscious. However, what many people fail to consider is that snoring can also be a sign of sleep apnea, a condition that can seriously affect your health. When you suffer from sleep apnea, you lose out on the crucial health benefits that accompany a full night’s rest, even if you believe you are sleeping through the night. You can experience grogginess and fatigue during the day. That exhaustion can also affect your memory. Sleep apnea can even increase your risk for heart disease and hypertension, and influence your mental health in negative ways. If you snore regularly, inform your dentist of this – they may be able to address your problem without requiring you to wear a CPAP machine. (more…)

Responding To A Cavity By Placing A CEREC Crown

Not all cavities make dental crown placement necessary. If the cavity is small enough, a dental filling can be enough to protect your tooth after decay has been removed. For a larger cavity, more support is needed. A dental crown can offer crucial support by covering the entirety of your tooth over your gum line. This keeps your tooth safe from future problems, and gives you necessary support when you bite and chew food, so your jaw function is not compromised. CEREC technology makes it possible to receive your crown in less time, as your dentist has everything necessary to produce your crown in one visit. (more…)