A Dental Implant Can Securely Hold A Replacement Tooth

Is there really anything all that worrying about one missing tooth? If your smile is not affected, and you have everything else, what do you gain from seeking out a dental prosthetic? You might not realize it, but your missing tooth can start to impact your daily life in ways that lead to more trouble. For instance, you face an increased risk for losing additional teeth, as both teeth that neighbored your missing tooth will be less stable. You can also face trouble because your biting and chewing habits can be compromised. The sooner you act to address the problem, the sooner you can put a stop to the risks it carries. By using a dental implant for support, your Rapid City, SD dentist can give you a lifelike restoration that has functional value, while also helping your smile! (more…)

Advanced Periodontal Issues Can Raise Your Tooth Loss Risk

What do you have to worry about if you develop gingivitis? This early stage of gum disease can be reversed with proper care. In fact, your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can provide a periodontal cleaning to remove harmful agents that are affecting your gums to protect you. If you act quickly, you can address the problem before there are serious consequences to contend with. However, ignoring the matter can lead to more significant trouble. While gingivitis can be treated and reversed, gum disease at an advanced stage can be more difficult to manage, and it can increase the risk you will lose teeth. If you think something may be wrong with your periodontal health, acting sooner rather than later can be vital to the long-term health of your smile. (more…)

Enjoy An Ugly Sweater Skating Party At Main Street Square!

During the winter season, Main Street Square will host many different activities on its ice rink. You can take part in a particularly festive event on Friday, December 21 when the ice rink welcomes skaters for an Ugly Sweater Skate Party! As the name suggests, visitors to the rink are encouraged to arrive wearing their favorite ugly sweater. People are welcome to hop on the ice from 6 pm until 9 pm that night. Christmas will be over before we know it, and 2019 will be here – have you secured your dental benefits for the next year? Make sure you have this secured, and make sure your regular dental checkups are scheduled in the next year with your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office. (more…)

A Proper Flossing Technique Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Are you taking the time to properly floss your teeth every day? Many people put themselves at risk for oral health problems by flossing infrequently, if at all. Others will floss regularly, but fail to properly clean during their session. It is important to make sure that you move the floss string vertically when you are cleaning between teeth. Make sure you reach to the base of your teeth, at the gum line – this helps you fight the buildup of oral bacteria that could lead to periodontal problems. While your Rapid City, SD dentist is able to help you maintain a healthy smile during every routine exam, these visits should not replace your commitment to taking care of your teeth on a daily basis. (more…)

Check Your Glass – Certain Drinks Can Be Trouble For Teeth

If you are thinking about ways to improve your dental hygiene, you should look at more than just your approach to brushing and flossing. If you think you could do a better job taking care of your teeth during these cleaning sessions, you should certainly go for it! However, you should remember that what happens to your teeth between cleanings will still matter. One issue many people face is with the threat of damage from soft drinks. These beverages can be loaded with sugar, their dark color can lead to teeth stains, and their acidity can actually weaken enamel. Other beverages, like coffee, tea, and red wine, can impact your appearance by dulling your smile.  (more…)

Don’t Allow Sleep Apnea To Ruin Your New Year

Will you be staying up until midnight to ring in the new year? This tradition can be easier for some people to keep up with than others. If you struggle with sleep apnea, you may be in a constant state of fatigue, even if you try to enjoy a full night’s rest each night. This problem is commonly linked to snoring, but it can do more than just make it hard to sleep next to you. Your problems with this condition can leave you incapable of completing your sleep cycles, as you frequently have to wake up to clear your breathing passages. This can lead to problems with your mood, your blood pressure, and any existing medical issues you have. Your Rapid City, SD dentist is able to help you with the use of a special oral appliance. (more…)

What All-On-4 Implants Can Do To Restore Your Oral Health

All-On-4 dental implants make it possible to bring your smile back after serious tooth loss. This sequence of implants offers reliable support for dentures. With the added stability this arrangement provides, you can feel more confident in your restoration as you go about your day. In addition to making it easier to speak, the implants can offer better bite function. In the long term, this arrangement can actually ensure your dentures continue to fit properly, as you can better maintain the health of your jawbone. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk to you about the advantages that come with addressing tooth loss, and the value in using dental implants to help support a dental prosthetic. (more…)

Experience The Christmas Night Of Lights At Storybook Island

During the Christmas season, Storybook Island in Rapid City transforms into a special Christmas wonderland! You can explore the area, and see popular characters ready to help your family celebrate the season. During your stay, you can also enjoy tasty treats in the form of cocoa, cider, and cookies! There will also be a special train ride available for guests. What are you doing to make your Christmas season special this year? If your plans involve a few treats too many, and you find yourself worried about the state of your smile, remember that your Rapid City, SD dentist is ready to provide routine dental care. (more…)

Want To Improve Your Smile In 2019? Ask About ClearCorrect

As we move closer and closer to the new year, you may be taking stock of your 2018, and thinking about what you can change in 2019. One thing you may want to consider in the new year is how you can improve your smile. If you are tired of seeing problems with poor alignment impact your appearance, you can inquire about ClearCorrect. These orthodontic appliances offer patients the chance to fix problems with gaps and overlaps without drawing unwanted attention. The appliances are hard to observe, and they can be taken out by you when they might be intrusive. At the end of your adjustment, you can see an improved smile, and enjoy oral health advantages! (more…)

Will Tartar Deposits Lead To Periodontal Problems?

One of the benefits patients enjoy when they effectively practice daily smile care is the prevention of tartar formation. Tartar, a hardened form of plaque, is something you can avoid, but not something you can remove on your own. If you have deposits of tartar at your gum line, you can face a real risk for gum disease. So what can you do to address the potential presence of tartar? During a routine cleaning at your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office, tartar can be effectively cleared away. This can stop future problems, and help you stay out of oral health trouble. If you need treatment for periodontal problems that have already developed, your dentist can talk to you about a proper treatment to reverse the condition. (more…)