Tooth Loss Can Impact Your Diet, But Implants Can Help

You can certainly recognize the cosmetic trouble created by tooth loss, particularly if you have lost multiple teeth. While your appearance is certainly a valid concern, there are oral health concerns connected to tooth loss you should also recognize. One problem is that your biting and chewing functions depend on having a complete set of teeth; even one missing tooth is enough to interfere with your ability to comfortably eat. Fortunately, dental implants provide a degree of stability for a restoration that can address functional concerns. If you are frustrated by the effect tooth loss has had on your diet, you can talk to your Rapid City, SD dentist about dental implant-supported prosthetic work(more…)

Visit The Holiday Art Market At Dahl Arts Center

From Friday, November 16 through Saturday, November 17, you and your family can enjoy access to unique items offered up at the Holiday Art Market. For the seventh year, this event at the Dahl Arts Center will provide Rapid City families the chance to meet with vendors offering an assortment of special goods. This year, more than thirty vendors will be on hand offering up handmade crafts, artworks, and special Christmas decorations! While the holiday season is always exciting, it can be important to take a moment and reflect on how holiday treats can have a “naughty” effect on your smile. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you address a smile concern. You can also make sure your next dental checkup is arranged with us! (more…)

Take The Time To Be Thorough When You Brush And Floss

Think about how much time you typically give yourself to brush and floss. The right approach to daily oral care should see you thoroughly taking care of your teeth. That way, you can more effectively clear your smile of harmful food debris and oral bacteria. Unfortunately, people can rush through these actions more often than they realize. You might spring through your routine on your way out the door to work because you overslept. You could haphazardly practice these habits before bed when you are especially tired. Unfortunately, when bad habits turn into the usual habits, your oral health can suffer, and you can find yourself in need of restorative dental work. (more…)

Why Are You So Tired During The Day? It May Be Sleep Apnea

Feeling tired during the day can certainly intrude on your ability to be a productive member of your office. It can also affect your mood, and leave you struggling to feel good generally. If you are struggling with frequent feelings of exhaustion, despite going to bed at a decent hour, your problem could be tied to sleep apnea. Fatigue is one of several issues you can experience as a result of this problem. Many people are already aware that sleep apnea can cause snoring, but you should know that it can affect your mood, your blood pressure, and other health issues you already deal with. Fortunately, your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you address this problem. (more…)

Are Dental Alignment Problems Affecting Your Oral Health?

The cosmetic concerns around poor dental alignment can serve as adequate motivation to seek out orthodontic work. With that said, it should be recognized that crooked teeth can create other issues that deserve attention. If you suffer from poor dental alignment, your bite alignment could be compromised, which can raise your risk for TMJ problems, and you can have a harder time fully cleaning teeth that overlap. Fortunately, your Rapid City, SD dentist is able to offer a treatment solution that can correct orthodontic problems, while also offering advantages over traditional metal braces. With ClearCorrect aligners, you can straighten your teeth with an appliance that is difficult to see. Rather than wearing bracket and wire braces that are affixed to your smile, you can rely on ClearCorrect aligners to gradually fix your concerns without drawing unwanted attention. (more…)

Spotting Signs Of Gum Disease Before Your Condition Worsens

Gum disease can be painless, but there are still ways to recognize that something might be wrong. You can look at the color of your periodontal tissues, identify concerns with swelling, and pay attention to matters like sensitivity to bleeding. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you manage a problem with gum disease when treatment is called for. By doing so, your dentist can protect you against some serious consequences with a periodontal cleaning. When your condition is not addressed in time, you can develop complications from advanced gum disease that put your overall smile at risk. You might not realize it, but the most common cause of tooth loss in adults relates to symptoms of serious periodontal infections. (more…)

The Relationship Between Implants And Your Jaw Health

Not every issue  caused by tooth loss is easy to observe, or even immediate. Obviously a smile that shows you have a missing tooth can be a concern. You can also recognize how intrusive this problem can be when you try to bite and chew food. With that said, you also need to be concerned with the effect tooth loss can have on your jawbone. As time passes, missing teeth roots leave your jawbone without stimulation, which can lead to a lack of proper nutrient flow. As a result, the bone can begin to deteriorate, which can create cosmetic and oral health concerns. Fortunately, your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk to you about receiving a dental implant to hold a restoration in place. Implants can create the stimulation that teeth roots previously provided, which can protect your jawbone. (more…)

Drinking More Water Can Help You Protect Your Teeth

When you tally up the actions you can take on a given day to protect your smile, do you include drinking water? While people typically recognize that staying hydrated is important for their overall well-being, you might not realize just how much your water consumption can do for your teeth. Water sources that possess fluoride help you encourage your enamel to stay strong, and resist the formation of cavities. Water also helps you neutralize bacteria, and produce saliva to keep your teeth clean. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office wants everyone to keep up with important oral hygiene habits. Of course, even with great habits at home, you should see your dentist for your regular semiannual dental exams. (more…)

Enjoy The Spooky Celebration Of Hallowpalooza!

At the Hallowpalooza event, you and your family can make the most of this year’s Halloween season! This special event, hosted by the Dahl Arts Center, will provide great holiday fun for visitors of all ages. There will be a special carnival for the kids, and a pop-up haunted house for them to explore. There will also be live music, games, and many treats to enjoy! Your Rapid City, SD dentist encourages everyone to take part in the many great events happening locally. We also want to remind you that our practice is here to help you maintain your oral health by providing exams, and we are ready to address any problems with your smile that might demand professional treatment. (more…)

Using An Oral Appliance To Protect You Against Sleep Apnea

Many people who are familiar with sleep apnea can operate under the assumption that a CPAP machine is the only method available to deal with this problem. What you should know is that obstructive sleep apnea, which refers to a condition where your soft tissues block your breathing passages, may be treatable with an oral appliance. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk to you about using a sleep guard to keep your airways clear, and your breathing uninterrupted while you rest. This can offer a more comfortable alternative to using a CPAP machine while you try to sleep. If you experience issues like fatigue, irritability, or loud snoring, you can bring this up with your dentist during your next routine exam, or schedule an appointment to learn more. (more…)