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We Can Improve Your Smile By Correcting Alignment Flaws

If you find it hard to accept your smile in its current state because of poor dental alignment, you can find support at our Rapid City, SD dental practice! We can offer several approaches to improving the look of your smile. For people who are bothered by teeth that are misaligned, we can provide real… Read more »

Clear Aligners Offer A Modern Solution For Orthodontic Flaws

Many people still let their concerns about metal braces stop them from looking into orthodontic work. If you are ready to do something about frustrating smile gaps or overlaps, you can schedule an appointment at our Rapid City, SD dental office to talk about addressing these flaws with clear aligners! Clear aligners separate themselves from… Read more »

The Advantages To Orthodontic Work With Clear Aligners

If you started orthodontic treatment today, would you prefer to have an appliance that draws attention to itself, or one that can discreetly move your teeth into better alignment? Clear aligners have allowed many people to finally do something about poorly spaced, poorly aligned teeth WITHOUT spending time with metal braces. In addition to being… Read more »

Make Your Smile Correction Discreet By Using Clear Aligners

While you may be eager to make your smile look more attractive by finally dealing with frustrating dental alignment issues, you can be hesitant to have metal braces set in place on your teeth. As beneficial as these appliances have been for individuals who want to correct flaws with poor alignment, many people worry about… Read more »

Clear Aligners Offer An Exciting Path To A Better Smile

If you want to do something about your appearance because of alignment flaws like gaps and overlaps, you may fear that the only path to smile improvements you can take is one that involves metal braces. For those who could benefit from these appliances, they offer important corrections – beyond improving your smile, an adjustment… Read more »

The Lasting Benefits Of Addressing Crowded And Crooked Teeth

Teeth that are crowded can overlap in ways that you find unflattering, which can lead to some understandable unhappiness with your current smile. Teeth that are crooked, seem crowded, or have unusually wide gaps between them can be corrected with the appropriate orthodontic work. If you want to see those improvements made, you can talk… Read more »

Correcting Crooked Teeth Can Take Less Time Than You Expect

There are many concerns people have about traditional orthodontic appliances that can be effectively addressed with clear aligners. Are you uncomfortable thinking about how you are going to look with bracket and wire braces? With clear appliances, you can straighten your smile in a more discreet fashion. If you are worried about the potential for… Read more »

Clear Aligners And Your Daily Life – What You Can Expect

Even with the shortened treatment time offered by MTM Clear Aligners, you can be understandably curious about the daily experience you can look forward to when you use aligners to straighten your teeth. Will you be comfortable? Should you remove them in situations where you might be particularly worried about your appearance? Will they feel… Read more »

Seeing The Value Of Orthodontic Work For Your Oral Health

It is perfectly understandable to start imagining life with your improved smile when you start an orthodontic treatment. After all, correcting problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, or otherwise out of alignment, can lead to some terrific cosmetic dental improvements. Still, there is more to this type of work than just esthetic changes. Did… Read more »

Enjoy A Shorter Treatment Period Thanks To MTM Aligners

When you consider orthodontic treatment with clear aligners instead of braces, you can be happy to know that your experience will not require a fixed, hard-to-ignore appliance. Clear aligners offer a modern alternative to metal braces, one that can be easier to fit into your regular life. As appealing as this can be, you can… Read more »