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Correcting Crooked Teeth Can Take Less Time Than You Expect

There are many concerns people have about traditional orthodontic appliances that can be effectively addressed with clear aligners. Are you uncomfortable thinking about how you are going to look with bracket and wire braces? With clear appliances, you can straighten your smile in a more discreet fashion. If you are worried about the potential for… Read more »

Clear Aligners And Your Daily Life – What You Can Expect

Even with the shortened treatment time offered by MTM Clear Aligners, you can be understandably curious about the daily experience you can look forward to when you use aligners to straighten your teeth. Will you be comfortable? Should you remove them in situations where you might be particularly worried about your appearance? Will they feel… Read more »

Seeing The Value Of Orthodontic Work For Your Oral Health

It is perfectly understandable to start imagining life with your improved smile when you start an orthodontic treatment. After all, correcting problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, or otherwise out of alignment, can lead to some terrific cosmetic dental improvements. Still, there is more to this type of work than just esthetic changes. Did… Read more »

Enjoy A Shorter Treatment Period Thanks To MTM Aligners

When you consider orthodontic treatment with clear aligners instead of braces, you can be happy to know that your experience will not require a fixed, hard-to-ignore appliance. Clear aligners offer a modern alternative to metal braces, one that can be easier to fit into your regular life. As appealing as this can be, you can… Read more »

Can You Trust Clear Aligners To Correct Your Crooked Teeth?

If you are tired of looking at a smile affected by poorly aligned teeth, or if you are worried your crooked smile is also affecting your oral health, you can find multiple orthodontic treatment options open to you. People who want to do something about their poor dental alignment can express some interest in clear… Read more »

Selecting The Clear Aligners You Prefer For Your Adjustment

When you are ready to commit to a better, straighter smile, you can run into an important question – what kind of orthodontic appliance should you rely on for your adjustment? People are sometimes reluctant to move forward with treatment using traditional metal braces, particularly adults who are concerned about looking professional. Fortunately, your Rapid… Read more »

Making Orthodontic Work More Discreet, And Less Intrusive

It is only natural that some people – particularly those with busy social lives, or those who work in professional settings – can be less eager to wear conspicuous metal braces. After all, the presence of braces can make you feel less mature, and generally less happy with your smile. Fortunately, there are alternative methods… Read more »

Select The Right Clear Aligners For Your Orthodontic Work

Orthodontic work can be completed without ever requiring the use of metal braces. If you are approved for the use of clear aligners, your Rapid City, SD dentist can work with you on improving your dental alignment with a series of clear aligners. Over time, your teeth will be moved in order into proper alignment,… Read more »

Clear Aligners Can Help Patients With Bite Alignment Issues

What are you really accomplishing by straightening your teeth? For many people, the reason to make corrections to alignment issues seems obvious – by doing so, you can improve your smile. You can certainly benefit from cosmetic improvements after orthodontic work, but there are additional benefits. One thing you should know is that you can… Read more »

ClearCorrect Can Put You On A Path To Straight Teeth

Are you eager to see results from orthodontic work, but reluctant to spend time with braces? Many people can be bothered by the idea of wearing metal braces – you may fear it makes you look less professional at work, or that you will become frustrated with your inability to remove them. ClearCorrect aligners may… Read more »