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Selecting The Clear Aligners You Prefer For Your Adjustment

When you are ready to commit to a better, straighter smile, you can run into an important question – what kind of orthodontic appliance should you rely on for your adjustment? People are sometimes reluctant to move forward with treatment using traditional metal braces, particularly adults who are concerned about looking professional. Fortunately, your Rapid… Read more »

Making Orthodontic Work More Discreet, And Less Intrusive

It is only natural that some people – particularly those with busy social lives, or those who work in professional settings – can be less eager to wear conspicuous metal braces. After all, the presence of braces can make you feel less mature, and generally less happy with your smile. Fortunately, there are alternative methods… Read more »

Select The Right Clear Aligners For Your Orthodontic Work

Orthodontic work can be completed without ever requiring the use of metal braces. If you are approved for the use of clear aligners, your Rapid City, SD dentist can work with you on improving your dental alignment with a series of clear aligners. Over time, your teeth will be moved in order into proper alignment,… Read more »

Clear Aligners Can Help Patients With Bite Alignment Issues

What are you really accomplishing by straightening your teeth? For many people, the reason to make corrections to alignment issues seems obvious – by doing so, you can improve your smile. You can certainly benefit from cosmetic improvements after orthodontic work, but there are additional benefits. One thing you should know is that you can… Read more »

ClearCorrect Can Put You On A Path To Straight Teeth

Are you eager to see results from orthodontic work, but reluctant to spend time with braces? Many people can be bothered by the idea of wearing metal braces – you may fear it makes you look less professional at work, or that you will become frustrated with your inability to remove them. ClearCorrect aligners may… Read more »

Want To Improve Your Smile In 2019? Ask About ClearCorrect

As we move closer and closer to the new year, you may be taking stock of your 2018, and thinking about what you can change in 2019. One thing you may want to consider in the new year is how you can improve your smile. If you are tired of seeing problems with poor alignment… Read more »

ClearCorrect Can Help You Address Poor Bite Alignment

Is it really possible to have an “incorrect” bite? You might not realize it, but poor bite alignment can create trouble for your smile in the long term. If your alignment is flawed, you may be putting more strain on your jaw joints, which can lead to persistent pain. You can also place more wear… Read more »

Are Dental Alignment Problems Affecting Your Oral Health?

The cosmetic concerns around poor dental alignment can serve as adequate motivation to seek out orthodontic work. With that said, it should be recognized that crooked teeth can create other issues that deserve attention. If you suffer from poor dental alignment, your bite alignment could be compromised, which can raise your risk for TMJ problems,… Read more »

Quiz: Will ClearCorrect Aligners Affect Your Daily Life?

Orthodontic work can help you show off a better smile, but there are also functional benefits you should know about. For instance, your bite alignment might be negatively impacted by the alignment of your teeth. By fixing these problems, you can even out your bite, limit your risk for jaw problems, and avoid disproportionate wear… Read more »

ClearCorrect Aligners Help You Discreetly Improve Your Smile

You can count on ClearCorrect aligners to make beneficial adjustments to the position of your teeth. These appliances, like traditional metal braces, can gradually shift teeth that are out of place into their appropriate locations. With that said, ClearCorrect offers patients a chance to make these corrections discreetly, as these appliances can be difficult to… Read more »