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Select The Right Clear Aligners For Your Orthodontic Work

Orthodontic work can be completed without ever requiring the use of metal braces. If you are approved for the use of clear aligners, your Rapid City, SD dentist can work with you on improving your dental alignment with a series of clear aligners. Over time, your teeth will be moved in order into proper alignment,… Read more »

3 Benefits To Enjoy After Orthodontic Care With ClearCorrect

When you start your orthodontic treatment using ClearCorrect aligners, you can be excited to enjoy corrective work with discreet appliances. You can wear your ClearCorrect aligners in professional and social settings without them drawing notice, and you can remove them when you need to eat, or before you clean your teeth. Your benefits of treatment… Read more »

Using Porcelain Veneers To Enjoy Stunning Smile Improvements

If you have problems with the way your teeth look today, you may not realize how close you are to showing off a stunning smile in the near future. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office provides cosmetic dental work that can make natural-looking, notable improvements to your appearance. For those patients looking to address several… Read more »

Using Bonding And Contouring Work To Address Unsightly Teeth

When your smile draws attention for the wrong reasons, you may be eager to do something about the issue. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with the cosmetic dental services available to you, you may have a hard time imagining what you can do about the problems you face. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can… Read more »

Finding An Effective Approach To Whitening Your Smile

You can find many products promising to make your smile brighter when you visit your nearby grocery store or pharmacy. With that said, you may have some concerns about the effectiveness of the products being offered. Will they really deliver the kind of noticeable results you want? Store bought products can disappointment people, as they… Read more »

Improve Your Appearance By Using ClearCorrect Aligners

The thought of fixing crooked teeth may make you uneasy. Sure, the idea of straightened teeth can be exciting, especially when you think about how your smile will look. The trouble for many people is in the orthodontic work itself, as they assume the only way to see results is with conspicuous metal braces. Fortunately,… Read more »

Find Out If Veneers Can Lead To Your Desired Smile Changes

People who feel dissatisfied by their current smile can feel less confident, and that lack of confidence can complicate their social and professional lives. What should you do if you struggle with cosmetic dental problems? Your Rapid City, SD dentist can offer help with many different issues by providing porcelain veneers. With veneers, it becomes… Read more »

See Real Cosmetic Results From Bonding And Contouring

There are few things that can bother a person quite like a flaw that affects their smile. A person who is self-conscious about their smile can suffer from overall confidence issues, which can affect aspects of their personal and professional lives. When you attend a cosmetic consultation, you can discover that an unsightly cosmetic problem… Read more »

Make Big Changes At Home With A Professional Whitening Kit

You might assume that if you want to see big cosmetic changes to your smile, you will need to have work done in the dentist’s office. There are certainly impressive improvements that can be made during an in-office session. For instance, your dentist can make tremendous changes by hiding superficial tooth flaws with porcelain veneers,… Read more »

Poor Dental Alignment Can Affect More Than Just Your Smile

Crooked teeth, or teeth that are poorly spaced, can make a person feel unhappy with the  way they look when they smile. If you have an issue with poor dental alignment, you may be all too familiar with those feelings of self-doubt. Unfortunately, the issue this creates is more than just cosmetic. Your poor alignment… Read more »