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Can You Identify Symptoms Associated With Gingivitis?

Hopefully, you maintain the kind of oral hygiene routine that allows you to feel confident in your overall dental health. By keeping up with good dieting habits, and by staying thorough with your brushing and flossing routine, you can do an effective job defending your teeth and gums against oral bacteria. What you should also… Read more »

Arranging A Deep Periodontal Cleaning With Your Dentist

The right type of dental care can be important if you want to maintain your best and healthiest smile. What people sometimes forget is that your smile, and your oral health, are about more than just your teeth. Sometimes, you need to focus on the health of your gums if you want to make sure… Read more »

Making Good Oral Health Decisions Every Morning

You should be mindful of your oral health throughout your day. After all, your teeth face threats from problems like tooth decay and gum disease throughout the day as oral bacteria gather, and you expose those bacteria to different substances when you eat and drink. With that said, your mornings can be a time when… Read more »

Tartar Buildup At Your Gum Line Can Cause Oral Health Issues

Defending your teeth and gums properly means keeping up a consistent oral care regimen. In some cases, a person who feels confident about the frequency of their brushing and flossing can have dental problems because they are not being thorough enough to maintain proper oral hygiene. If you are not giving enough attention to the… Read more »

A Change In Your Snack Habits Can Be Good For Your Smile

Do you sometimes feel like your efforts to prevent cavities are unsuccessful, despite good brushing and flossing habits? This could be because of infrequent dental checkups, or because you simply have softer or weaker enamel, making teeth more susceptible to cavities. What you should know is that in many cases, people struggle to avoid cavities,… Read more »

Following These Tips Can Improve Your Brushing Routine

You can feel confident in your oral health when you consistently attend regular dental checkups, and take time each day to clean your teeth. Attending regular dental appointments at your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office will give you an important level of support against smile problems. After all, you enjoy a professional dental cleaning, and… Read more »

3 Important Benefits Gained From Regular Dental Exams

On any particular day, you should protect your teeth by brushing them at least twice, flossing at least once, and limiting your intake of sugary foods and drinks. A smart oral health care routine can help you sustain a better smile, and avoid the kind of problems that will demand intervention from your dentist. What… Read more »

Is Your Oral Hygiene Routine In Need Of Improvement?

If you take your oral health for granted, and slip into bad habits, you can find yourself in the dentist’s chair for restorative dental work. It can take less time than you expect for tartar, which you cannot remove on your own, to form on your smile. You need to be consistent about brushing and… Read more »

Use These Tips To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Regimen!

Your Rapid City, SD dentist is ready to help you by identifying and treating cavities, and issues with your periodontal health. When you come in for regular dental visits, you also have access to the kind of routine oral care that can reduce your risk for smile problems. Of course, you only see your dentist… Read more »

Check Your Glass – Certain Drinks Can Be Trouble For Teeth

If you are thinking about ways to improve your dental hygiene, you should look at more than just your approach to brushing and flossing. If you think you could do a better job taking care of your teeth during these cleaning sessions, you should certainly go for it! However, you should remember that what happens… Read more »