• ClearCorrect®

    Invisible Orthodontics with ClearCorrect®

    Misaligned teeth, or malocclusion, can mean many things for your smile. Most noticeably, it may affect your smile’s appearance by throwing its symmetry off balance. What may be less noticeable, though, is the effect on your oral health and bite function. ClearCorrect® is a system of clear, custom-designed aligners that straightens teeth while remaining virtually invisible. The aligners can help you enjoy the better health and function that come with a properly aligned smile, without the need for conspicuous brackets and wires.

    ClearCorrect® aligners are fashioned from clear, BPA-free acrylic. Yours will be designed according to specific, highly detailed, digital images and measurements of your teeth, jaws, and dental ridges for optimal results. Each aligner will guide your teeth through a certain phase of movement, and the next aligners will continue that movement until your teeth are in their desired positions.

    Unlike braces, ClearCorrect® allows you to complete orthodontic treatment with fewer visits to your dentist (though routine maintenance visits are still required). You can also practice effective dental hygiene, eat your favorite foods, and take close-up pictures more confidently by temporarily removing your aligners. For patients who wish to retain their confidence throughout the course of their treatment, ClearCorrect® may be the most effective and discreet option.