Correcting Crooked Teeth Can Take Less Time Than You Expect

There are many concerns people have about traditional orthodontic appliances that can be effectively addressed with clear aligners. Are you uncomfortable thinking about how you are going to look with bracket and wire braces? With clear appliances, you can straighten your smile in a more discreet fashion. If you are worried about the potential for braces to intrude on your daily activities, you can be glad to know that your clear aligners are easily removed. Thanks to MTM Clear Aligners, you can even reduce the length of time it often takes a person to correct problems with their dental alignment. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can discuss these modern aligners with you, and talk to you about your orthodontic treatment goals more generally. (more…)

Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist At Your Checkup

In the process of examining your smile, your dentist can potentially identify a range of different issues, including some issues you might not associate with dental care. When you see your Rapid City, SD dentist, you can use the meeting as an opportunity to ask about any concerns you have regarding your oral health. For some people, that means bringing up a question about their current smile care routine. For others, it can mean an opportunity to discuss cosmetic dental work. What you should realize is that you can receive help with more issues than you might expect. For instance, you can actually discuss treatment for sleep apnea, as you can receive a custom appliance that will help you breathe freely, and not snore, from your dentist! (more…)

Is It Snoring, Or Could It Be Sleep Apnea?

If you snore at night, you may be ready to put a stop to the problem as soon as possible. After all, this is an embarrassing condition, one that can make it harder for your partner to fall asleep at night, leaving them restless and irritable in the morning. Of course, in some cases, the person who snores can awaken feeling as though they barely rested themselves. In fact, you might have noticed that in addition to snoring, you struggle to feel refreshed, and seem to be groggy and unfocused on a typical day. You might be dealing with more than just a tendency to snore – you could be affected by sleep apnea. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you take this problem with a special oral appliance. Treatment for sleep apnea is important, as it can cause potentially serious problems for your health. (more…)

Gum Disease Can Cause Serious Issues – Your Dentist Can Help

A periodontal problem can actually be a problem for more than just your gum tissues. Links between periodontal disease and serious problems like heart disease have been identified. Over time, an untreated problem with gum disease can actually lead to the loss of teeth. With this in mind, the value of effective periodontal care should be clear. You can take better care of your gums on your own by putting in a real effort to clean your gum line when you brush and floss. You can also talk to your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office about arranging periodontal care when it is called for. (more…)

One Missing Tooth Can Create Many Frustrating Problems

The loss of one tooth can be a problem for your appearance, but you can quickly start to notice the other negative effects this development can have on your life. For instance, you may become irritated at how you have to work around that gap in your smile while biting and chewing, even as your compromised bite leads to discomfort. You also have to worry about the lack of support for teeth neighboring an absence, as they are more likely to be lost because of that lack of support. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can meet with you to discuss the replacement of that missing tooth. A dental implant-held restoration for a single missing tooth can have a significant effect on your appearance, your dental function, and your quality of life. (more…)

Clear Aligners And Your Daily Life – What You Can Expect

Even with the shortened treatment time offered by MTM Clear Aligners, you can be understandably curious about the daily experience you can look forward to when you use aligners to straighten your teeth. Will you be comfortable? Should you remove them in situations where you might be particularly worried about your appearance? Will they feel intrusive? While many people are excited to receive clear aligners because of their discreet appearance, you should know that this is one of several benefits that can benefit you in your daily life. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can meet with you and help you understand what to expect from this approach to orthodontic work. (more…)

Making Good Oral Health Decisions Every Morning

You should be mindful of your oral health throughout your day. After all, your teeth face threats from problems like tooth decay and gum disease throughout the day as oral bacteria gather, and you expose those bacteria to different substances when you eat and drink. With that said, your mornings can be a time when smart smile habits are particularly beneficial. In addition to being part of the day where you attempt to clean your teeth, you can make decisions that affect your risk for tooth decay based on your typical breakfast decisions. Remember that in addition to practicing good daily habits, you should take advantage of the routine dental checkups provided by your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office. (more…)

Sleep Apnea Can Make It Harder To Manage Other Health Issues

Struggling with issues like high blood pressure and diabetes already require you to take extra steps to manage your well-being. While you can keep your health under control with smart habits, sleep apnea can put you in a situation where preexisting conditions are harder to manage. Sleep apnea, which is often associated with snoring, disrupts your sleep cycle in a way that makes beneficial rest harder to enjoy. If you suffer this problem, it can also leave you suffering from fatigue, irritability, and other problems. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can provide help for your condition with a special oral appliance that allows you to rest properly at night. (more…)

Defend Vulnerable Spaces Between Teeth By Flossing Regularly

If you ignore the spaces between your teeth, they can become safe gathering spaces for bacteria. As a result of this, those spaces can harbor plaque and tartar deposits that increase your risk for dental problems that will call for restorative dental work. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office understands that patients are not deliberately avoiding these spaces. Unfortunately, if you do not floss consistently, these areas become vulnerable to oral health problems. In addition to scheduling regular dental exams, make sure you keep up with your oral health needs by maintaining a good oral care routine. (more…)

Why Wait? Start Discussing Prosthetic Work With Your Dentist

If you have experienced tooth loss, and you have yet to start planning prosthetic dental work, you continue to miss out on important smile and oral health improvements. Tooth loss can be a big problem for the way a person looks. After all, depending on the teeth that are missing, it can be difficult to smile or even speak without betraying those unfortunate gaps. You should know that in addition to being an issue for the way you look, tooth loss creates problems for your dental function – if you allow those problems to go unchecked, the situation can even worsen over time. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can talk to you about the effects that tooth loss can continue to have on your life, and talk with you about using dental implants to bring back your full smile. (more…)