Is Your Oral Hygiene Routine In Need Of Improvement?

If you take your oral health for granted, and slip into bad habits, you can find yourself in the dentist’s chair for restorative dental work. It can take less time than you expect for tartar, which you cannot remove on your own, to form on your smile. You need to be consistent about brushing and flossing to prevent this. You should also be careful to manage your diet carefully, and avoid excessive amounts of sugar. When you stay on top of your oral hygiene routine, you can expect to hear better news during dental checkups with your Rapid City, SD dentist. (more…)

Enjoy The Convenience Of Same-Day Implants

By restoring your incomplete smile, your Rapid City, SD dentist can help you regain confidence in how you look. What you should also realize is that the right approach to prosthetic dental care can also help improve your dental function, too. Dental implants have made it possible for people to enjoy more stable, beneficial restorations, which can allow you to bite, chew, and speak with more comfort. Same-day implants make the process of restoring your smile even more convenient, as you can have your work completed in less time, meaning you are closer to enjoying your exciting smile improvements! (more…)

Frequent Daytime Fatigue? You Might Have Sleep Apnea

Why is it so hard for you to stay alert, and keep your eyes open, during the day? Sure, you could find yourself feeling drowsy in the middle of a long meeting, or after a particularly hectic day, but persistent feelings of daytime fatigue could be a sign of sleep apnea. One of the most familiar symptoms associated with sleep apnea is snoring, but there are several signs to watch out for if you are worried you might have this condition. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk to you about treating sleep apnea – leaving the issue unaddressed can have serious consequences. (more…)

Explore The Dahl Arts Center At Their March Art Adventure

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 9, Rapid City residents can explore the Dahl Arts Center during their March Art Adventure! On this date, you can go into the center and browse the many exhibits on display as part of a special guided tour. After checking out works from forty-six Lakota artists, visitors are encouraged to explore their own family histories with poetry or artwork. Adult supervision is needed for this event, but there is no registration required. Would you consider your smile a work of art? It may not hang in a museum, but it can be seen by many people, and you should hope it always looks its best. Remember that your Rapid City, SD dentist is available to help protect your smile from threats during regular dental exams! (more…)

Receiving Professional Care For A Periodontal Infection

What do you gain by talking to your Rapid City, SD dentist about treating a periodontal infection? You might not realize how serious gum disease can become if the problem goes untreated. When a person’s infection worsens, they can develop periodontitis, which can be difficult to manage. Over time, persistent gum problems can lead to a greater risk for tooth loss. Links between gum disease and health problems like heart disease and Alzheimer’s have also been identified. You can protect your gums with a smart oral hygiene routine. When signs of periodontal trouble are present, a deep cleaning can ensure your oral health issue is fully treated. (more…)

Making Orthodontic Work More Discreet, And Less Intrusive

It is only natural that some people – particularly those with busy social lives, or those who work in professional settings – can be less eager to wear conspicuous metal braces. After all, the presence of braces can make you feel less mature, and generally less happy with your smile. Fortunately, there are alternative methods for fixing orthodontic issues that are more discreet. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can talk with you about correcting crooked teeth with ClearCorrect aligners. By using ClearCorrect to fix flaws that affect your smile, you can show off a straighter smile without enduring an awkward period with metal braces. (more…)

Protect Your Gums With A Better Oral Care Regimen

What is your daily oral care routine really doing for your gums? Are you sure you are doing what is necessary to avoid a potential periodontal infection? While brushing and flossing protect you against gum disease when these habits are performed well, infrequent care, or a lack of thoroughness, might leave you more vulnerable than you realize. You should know that if you do see signs of potential gum disease, your Rapid City, SD dentist is ready to provide treatment to stop the problem. Letting it go unaddressed could allow it to worsen, which can create serious complications for your well-being. (more…)

We Can Replace Your Missing Teeth With Stable Restorations

Missing even one tooth in your smile can be a hard problem to ignore, particularly when that tooth is in a visible location. Of course, even tooth loss that is hard to notice can create real troubles for you when it comes to biting, chewing, and even speaking with comfort. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office is ready to help you address tooth loss through the placement and restoration of dental implants. Implant-held replacement teeth can be attractive, durable, and more comfortable for individuals. You can see the benefits of this treatment promptly if you qualify for same-day implants! (more…)

Custer State Park’s Centennial Celebration Is March 1!

On Friday, March 1, Custer State Park will have a big anniversary to celebrate. This year will mark the hundredth anniversary of the park’s establishment! Visitors to Custer State Park on this day can take part in great activities, which will include guided hikes, treats at the Visitors Center, and more! Weather permitting, you can also take part in snowshoe hikes and ice fishing activities. Maintaining a park is no small task, particularly when it comes to keeping the area clean. When it comes to oral health care, you also need to be mindful of cleanliness. In addition to practicing smart oral care at home, see your Rapid City, SD dentist for routine dental exams and cleanings! (more…)

Is An Aging Smile More Prone To Oral Health Troubles?

The actions you take towards your smile can influence your cavity risk in the short term, and the long term. If you are consistent about smart oral health care at home, and you make sure to see your dentist for regular dental checkups, you can control your risk for troubles. It is important to preserve smart habits over time. As a person ages, a lack of quality care, and natural wear and tear on teeth, can make it harder to prevent cavities. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can help you by providing routine preventive care, and by offering guidance on long-term smile support. (more…)