Counting On Cosmetic Work To Eliminate Frustrating Flaws

How would you like to finally address that maddening flaw in your smile? What if your dentist was able to correct any issue that makes a problem tooth stand out in your appearance in less time than you might expect? When you come in to discuss cosmetic dental work, you can find that amazing cosmetic changes may be closer than you expect. Many different problems can affect our smiles. It only takes one misaligned, discolored, misshapen, or damaged tooth to cause issues with how we look. Fortunately, your dentist has several treatments they can offer, and they can work with you to make sure any flaws that upset you are a thing of the past. (more…)

Enjoy A Day Of Fun At Main Street Square’s Kids’ Carnival

You can take your family out for a day of fun, games, and adventure by checking out the Main Street Square Kids’ Carnival! On Saturday, June 2, a number of fun games, craft live performances, and other fun activities will be set up in the Main Street Square area for families to explore. In addition to providing fun for kids, the event is also helping to promote health and awareness. The theme of this year’s carnival is focused on the importance of wearing a helmet during dangerous activities. This event will also help support the “Don’t Thump Your Melon” program, which helps provide helmets to kids who need them.  (more…)

Can Clear Aligners Really Help Me With My Dental Alignment?

You may be excited by what ClearCorrect can offer, but unsure of whether this approach to orthodontic care will work for you. It is true that some patients, particularly those who need more advanced treatment, may need to turn to metal braces for help with their alignment issues. With that said, many patients can be approved for ClearCorrect clear aligners. With this approach to care, you can enjoy a more discreet straightening of your teeth, as the appliances worn are difficult to notice. You can also look forward to a more convenient experience, as you will be able to remove your aligners when you need to clean your teeth, and when you eat.  (more…)

How Do Dental Implants Change The Prosthetic Experience?

Because they can give you a natural-looking smile restoration, you can safely assume that your experience with prosthetic dental work will be a positive one. However, you might not be aware of how much support you should expect from this restorative dental work. After all, tooth loss harms more than just your smile. You can find it harder to eat your favorite foods, and it may lead to the losses of more teeth. With dental implant support, you can enjoy a recovery from tooth loss that sees you benefiting from improved bite function, more comfort, and even support for your jawbone, which can deteriorate after teeth have been lost. (more…)

Take Part In The Black Hills Walk For Wishes Event!

On Saturday, May 19, you can help make a difference by supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation during the Black Hills Walk For Wishes event! During Black Hills Walk For Wishes, individuals will help to raise funds for the program through a Walk Day that will help generate financial support for the program. You can seek pledges from friends, family members, and coworkers, and walk through Rapid City’s Main Street Square to deliver on those promised donations. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is committed to providing special moments to children facing severe health issues, by granting their wishes. By showing up to the walk and giving your support, you can help them continue making these dreams come true! (more…)

Your Frequent Headaches Could By A Result Of TMJ Problems

Why are you having so many problems with painful, reoccurring headaches? Headaches, along with pains in your face, neck, and jaws, could be a sign of TMJ dysfunction. This problem can result if you struggle with poor bite alignment, though this is not the only cause. Any issue that leads to trouble with your jaw joints can cause you to suffer persistent discomfort, and may cause you to deal with limited jaw mobility when you speak, and eat. Fortunately, your dentist is able to identify when something might be wrong with your jaw joints, and they can recommend the appropriate treatment.  (more…)

What To Expect From Your First Appointment

Going without regular dental care can leave you at a serious disadvantage in your efforts to protect your smile. It can be harder to avoid issues with cavities and gum disease, and you face the chance of having a problem go undiscovered until it grows more severe. If you have spent considerable time away from the dentist’s office, and are interested in a dental checkup – or if you are new to the area and need a new practitioner – you may be unsure of what to expect from your first visit. What you should know is that our practice strives to provide every visitor with a rewarding, comfortable, and supportive experience. Our current patients are already familiar with the expert care provided during every treatment.  (more…)

What Can Your Dentist Do About Your Poor Dental Alignment?

If you have issues with the alignment of your teeth, it can impact your appearance, while also creating potential problems with your ability to bite and chew food. If you want to address this problem, you can set a time to talk with your dentist about ClearCorrect. Rather than using metal braces that are secured to your teeth, you can use removable aligners made of clear plastic to make orthodontic corrections. This can be more convenient, as you can remove your aligners when you need to eat, or when you clean your teeth. They are also hard to notice while you wear them, so they can have less effect on your appearance.  (more…)

Take Your Family To See Alice In Wonderland, Jr.

From Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22, you and your family can catch a performance of Alice In Wonderland, Jr. performed at Black Hills Community Theatre! The play takes on the classic tale of Alice, with inspiration taken from the classic Disney telling of the Lewis Carroll book. There will be two evening shows, along with a Sunday matinee performance. This is a great opportunity to take the whole family out to see a delightful, musical performance of a truly iconic tale. If you want to introduce your kids to a beloved character, or if you simply want to enjoy a fun family outing, make sure you purchase tickets for this show! (more…)

A Professional Whitening Kit Can Offer Big Cosmetic Changes

How do you currently feel about the whiteness of your teeth? If you are like many people, you may be unhappy to see how stains have managed to dull your smile over the years. You can seek help from whitening toothpastes, or with store bought whitening treatments, only to find that the benefits are limited. Fortunately, your dentist is able to help. When you pick up a professional whitening kit, you can treat your teeth with advanced whitening agents that lead to bigger improvements. Patients who have taken advantage of this professional cosmetic dental treatment have been able to see impressive changes. If you want to know more, let your dentist know! You can be delighted to see how much your whitening kit improves your appearance. (more…)