Can Sleep Apnea Be Addressed Without A CPAP Machine?

Treating sleep apnea is important, as you can face serious health consequences if you allow it to go unaddressed. Many people who struggle with this issue can be hesitant about treatment, as they can be put off by the idea of wearing a CPAP machine when they sleep. This device can be helpful in combating this problem, but many find wearing it to be difficult. Your dentist may be able to offer you a solution that does not require the use of this machine. Instead, you can have a more comfortable, custom-made oral appliance provided for you. You can wear it while you sleep, and it will keep your airways open, allowing you to breathe through the night, and enjoy the full benefits of rest. (more…)

CEREC Dental Crowns Offer Durability And Convenience

If you need a dental crown, you should know that the sooner you can have it placed, the sooner you can enjoy valuable support for your vulnerable tooth. One way to make sure you promptly receive the restorative dental care you need is to make dental care a priority. Delaying work on a problem tooth can put you at risk for further issues, and leave you trying to manage discomfort. You can also enjoy prompt care thanks to CEREC technology, which allows your dentist to provide you with a crown after a single appointment!  (more…)

How Can I Be Sure My Smile Is Free Of Cavities?

Should you assume that a pain-free smile is also a smile that is free of any issues with tooth decay? It is certainly true that a cavity can cause a person to experience discomfort. When decay provides access to the interior of your tooth to oral bacteria, you can suffer an infection of the living tooth housed within your pulp. Of course, this is not an immediate effect. During a routine dental exam, your dentist can spot the early forms of decay, and you can have the appropriate restorative treatment before you experience complications. One reason patients are told to attend regular exams is so your dentist can spot – and treat – problems before they become more consequential. (more…)

See The Stars At The 3rd Annual Rapid City Dark Sky Festival

On Friday, April 20, residents of Rapid City can take part in the third annual Rapid City Dark Sky Festival! This year’s event, located in Main Street Square, is a family-friendly opportunity to take a closer look at our night’s sky. Residents will be able to examine the galaxy through telescopes set up for everyone’s viewing pleasure. In addition to seeing the stars, planets, and moons for yourself, you can gain valuable information from members of the Black Hills Astronomical Society, and the SD Space Grant Consortium. You can also examine the Lakota Universe with Craig Howe. (more…)

Target An Unfortunate Smile Flaw With Bonding And Contouring

With the right approach to cosmetic dental care, you can eliminate a frustrating tooth flaw – or frustrating flaws – and enjoy your best smile. Bonding/contouring work is often relied on to provide effective esthetic improvements when patients want to do something about a problem tooth. Contouring involves carefully removing enamel, so that a tooth’s size can be adjusted, and its shape can be modified to better fit in with the rest of your smile. Bonding involves the permanent application of composite resin to a tooth. This will effectively cover up many different problems that might make a tooth unattractive. In addition to improving a tooth’s color, this can close a gap between teeth, add size to a tooth, or cover up dental damage. (more…)

Count On ClearCorrect To Address Dental Alignment Concerns

Is there any way to correct problems with your dental alignment that can spare you the experience of having metal braces put in place? Many adults and older teens can be reluctant to go through the process of orthodontic care with traditional braces, fearing the effect on how they look. Braces can cause additional issues because they can limit your diet, and make it harder to effectively clean your teeth. Fortunately, ClearCorrect can operate as a valuable alternative for many patients. By undergoing treatment through ClearCorrect, you can correct problems with the spacing and alignment of teeth with discreet, clear plastic aligners. You can feel more comfortable with how you look, and you can enjoy the convenience of an orthodontic appliance you can remove when you need to clean your teeth, and eat. (more…)

Check Out Saturday Art Adventures At The Dahl Arts Center

One the second Saturday of each month, the Dahl Arts Center hosts a special, family-friendly event. The Saturday Art Adventures series is a chance for your family to spend time learning more about the works held at the gallery, as well as a chance to take part in art projects! This is a FREE monthly event, which is used to encourage kids to take an interest in the arts. If you want to help your children explore their creativity, or if you are just looking for a great Saturday activity, the Saturday Art Adventures series is a great opportunity. (more…)

Asking Questions About Your Oral Health During Your Checkup

Many people who go in for routine oral health care can look forward to confirmation that their smile is in great shape. When you combine a smart daily oral hygiene regimen with regular dental checkups, you can control your risk for possible problems that will require restorative dental care. Of course, there may be times when you go in for care focused on an issue you want to address. If you have a question about your oral health, you should feel comfortable talking to your dentist about it. Our goal is to provide you with a welcoming, supportive environment where you can have your oral health needs fully addressed. If you have a concern, let us know! You may be surprised at how many issues your dentist can help with. (more…)

Enjoying Life With Implant-Held Dentures

Dentures make is possible to completely restore a row of teeth. While they can provide an amazing improvement to your smile, dentures supported with epoxies or natural suction may be less than ideal when it comes to biting and chewing food. Because of this, tooth loss has often left individuals with limitations on what they can eat. Fortunately, All-On-4 dental implants allow you to keep your dentures more secure, so that they can provide better dental function. Dental implants have been remarkably beneficial for patients who seek out prosthetic support. In addition to helping keep your dentures stable throughout the day, your implants can actually help you sustain better oral health by keeping your jawbone in good condition. (more…)

Providing A Life-Like Restoration After A Cavity

Unfortunately, there is not a way for your tooth to repair itself when a cavity forms. In fact, decay will only continue to spread, and make your condition worse, until your dentist intervenes. As part of your restorative dental care, you will receive a filling or crown to address the dental material lost to decay. Both of these restorations can be made with life-like materials, so they will not create a disruption that impacts how you look. In addition to being of high esthetic quality, modern fillings and crowns are remarkably durable, meaning they can protect your tooth for years without issue. (more…)