Clear Aligners Offer An Exciting Path To A Better Smile

If you want to do something about your appearance because of alignment flaws like gaps and overlaps, you may fear that the only path to smile improvements you can take is one that involves metal braces. For those who could benefit from these appliances, they offer important corrections – beyond improving your smile, an adjustment can also help you prevent dental problems more easily, and reduce your risk for TMJ issues. With that said, you can find that with clear aligners, you can enjoy the benefits of a straightened smile without a fixed appliance! If you have questions about treatment, or if you are ready to plan your adjustment, make an appointment with your Rapid City, SD dentist to learn more! (more…)

To Enjoy Better Results From Brushing, Avoid These Mistakes

When you do something every day, you should feel confident that your routine is benefiting you. While people often claim to keep up with a good oral care regimen by brushing and flossing, they sometimes fail to realize how they might be failing to provide effective protection for their smile. If your brushing habits are not as effective as they should be, you can find yourself in need of restorative dental work! At our Rapid City, SD dental practice, we are able to offer an expert teeth cleaning during each of your routine checkups. While these cleaning services matter, what you do for your teeth between every appointment also matters to your overall oral health! (more…)

Is Your Flossing Routine As Effective As It Should Be?

If you want to perform a task well, you almost certainly give it your full time and attention. Flossing is an important part of your overall efforts to keep your smile clean and healthy. If you do a good job, flossing will protect you against gum disease, and keep vulnerable spaces between teeth protected against cavities. With this in mind, it certainly seems like you should focus on doing the best possible work while you floss. Unfortunately, many people rush through this practice, or skip it entirely. If you want to receive good news at your next checkup with your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office, you might want to reconsider how you currently approach flossing. (more…)

How Supportive Will Your Dental Implant Really Be?

What is the purpose of a dental implant? How does it affect your appearance, or your oral health, when you have restorative work done to replace a missing tooth? Dental implants have helped many patients enjoy amazing benefits from their prosthetic care. When they are in place, implants hold restorations securely enough to make them comfortable, and useful in your dental function. If you have questions about how they can help you, or if you are ready to discuss dental implant placement and restoration, make an appointment at our Rapid City, SD dentist’s office. Modern prosthetic treatment can have remarkable benefits, and help you feel better about life after tooth loss! (more…)

Always Tired At The Office? Sleep Apnea May Be To Blame

Staying on top of your responsibilities at work can be more challenging on some days than others. With that said, you may find that days where you feel groggy or drowsy from a lack of sleep can be especially difficult. If you often find yourself feeling the effects of restlessness – even when you believe you had a full night’s rest – you could be suffering from sleep apnea. While sleep apnea is often linked to snoring, the problem is potentially more serious, and can have a negative impact on your well-being. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office is ready to help you take care of the problem. Rather than having you use a CPAP machine, we can offer you a custom oral appliance that allows you to sleep properly. (more…)

Arranging A Deep Periodontal Cleaning With Your Dentist

The right type of dental care can be important if you want to maintain your best and healthiest smile. What people sometimes forget is that your smile, and your oral health, are about more than just your teeth. Sometimes, you need to focus on the health of your gums if you want to make sure your dental care needs are being properly addressed. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can advise you whenever it appears a periodontal infection might be causing a problem for your well-being. If trouble is identified, a deep periodontal cleaning can be recommended. This special service is performed to address bacteria below your gum line, which can cause potentially serious harm to your overall oral health. (more…)

The Value Of Professional And Daily Preventive Smile Care

How much work does it take to truly keep your smile safe against oral health problems? The key can be to be consistent with your oral hygiene efforts, with your diet, and with your regular dental checkups. At our Rapid City, SD dental practice, you can look forward to a thorough cleaning, as well as a review that will check for any signs of trouble that need to be treated. When one of these pieces is missing from your oral care regimen, it can be more difficult to protect yourself against cavities, and against gum disease. (more…)

The Lasting Benefits Of Addressing Crowded And Crooked Teeth

Teeth that are crowded can overlap in ways that you find unflattering, which can lead to some understandable unhappiness with your current smile. Teeth that are crooked, seem crowded, or have unusually wide gaps between them can be corrected with the appropriate orthodontic work. If you want to see those improvements made, you can talk to your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office about clear aligners! With clear aligners, you have the ability to fix alignment issues by using discreet, removable appliances, and avoiding any time with uncomfortable metal braces. Fixing these problems can offer more than just cosmetic benefits, as the straightening of crowded teeth can help you lower your risk for cavities. (more…)

Let’s Talk About Same-Day Implants And Your Smile

Let’s talk about your smile – if you are missing a tooth, particularly one in a visible area, you may feel less than confident in the way it looks. Few problems with your oral health are as disruptive as tooth loss. After all, you can have cosmetic problems as a result, in addition to difficulties with your dental function, and a higher risk for losing more teeth! Properly addressing this issue can take time. While dental implants make it possible to significantly improve your appearance and dental function after tooth loss, the waiting period between your implant’s placement and restoration can make you impatient. If you qualify, you can actually have your appearance restored sooner thanks to a same-day implant from your Rapid City, SD dentist! (more…)

Using An Oral Appliance To Correct Your Sleep Apnea

How important is it to treat sleep apnea? The problem is a potentially serious one, as it is capable of affecting your health in several ways, and it can make a full night’s rest effectively unobtainable. While snoring occurs because of partial airway blockages, obstructive sleep apnea is more serious – it completely blocks your airway, and makes your body break the sleep cycle to clear the obstruction. Because of this, sleep apnea should certainly be regarded as a more serious matter, one that should be addressed. Your Rapid City, SD dentist can offer an alternative to sleep apnea treatment with a CPAP machine. Instead of this apparatus, which people can find uncomfortable, you can use an oral appliance that keeps your airways clear throughout the night. (more…)