Expert Dental Care In A Supportive Environment

What should you look for when it comes to identifying your ideal dental care experience? Obviously, expertise matters. You should feel confident that your dentist can identify problems, even in their early stages, and offer the appropriate restorative dental care when it is needed. However, you should also feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. That means being able to talk about the state of your smile, and trusting that your personal needs are being met. Our office is committed to providing a caring, supportive environment for you. This can be especially important if you are someone who struggles with feelings of dental anxiety.  (more…)

Receiving Dental Implants To Support Prosthetics

How can dental implants change a person’s experience with their dental prosthetic? There are advantages to this approach to prosthetic work you can enjoy every day, as well as long-term benefits. A dental implant is put in position to act in support of your restoration. This small post,inserted into your jawbone, locks a replacement tooth into position. Because implants are made from biocompatible titanium, your bone will fuse to it, making it remarkably secure. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may be able to arrange to have your implant placement and restoration done at your dentist’s office. (more…)

Using ClearCorrect To Make Big Smile Improvements

Having straight teeth can make your smile more attractive, while also making it easier to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you are affected by issues with poor dental alignment, but uncomfortable at the thought of wearing braces, you can talk to your dentist about ClearCorrect. Using ClearCorrect means having a way to straighten your teeth without a conspicuous appliance. Rather than use a system of brackets and wires, you will employ a sequence of clear oral inserts. Each on you wear will bring your teeth closer to their ideal position. This can lead to a major cosmetic improvement, as well as providing some desirable oral health improvements.  (more…)

Make Arrangements To Take Home A Teeth Whitening Kit

Why should you take a teeth whitening kit from your dentist when you can use a whitening toothpaste, or another store bought whitening product? When it comes to issues with the color of your smile, you can be unhappily surprised at how difficult it can be to make meaningful changes with over the counter products. While they may improve your teeth color by attacking surface stains, they can leave deeper stains behind. Your dentist can supply you with a special whitening kit that is capable of having a more remarkable overall impact. You can remove difficult to reach staining particles, and make your smile significantly brighter! Your dentist can currently supply adult patients with dental impressions, custom whitening trays, and prescription-strength whitening agents for only $150.  (more…)

Check Out The Last Day To Skate Beach Party 2/24!

On Saturday, February 24, the Main Street Square will welcome skaters for the last day of the season. To help celebrate this event, the rink will be hosting a special beach party event, where you and your family can take part in some tropical skating fun! While the move from winter to spring might mean the wrapping up of skating season, the beach party will help celebrate the end in style. Downtown’s Main Street Square is a public space that provides Rapid City residents with plenty of good times. Family bundles and discounted youth tickets are available to those interested in taking to the ice. (more…)

Dental Crowns Can Restore Teeth, And Improve Smiles

Restorative dental care involves more than just the treatment of an active dental problem. Once your dentist performs work on a problem tooth, you can require support for that tooth. Unfortunately, our teeth cannot repair themselves when something like a cavity impacts us. In many cases where a person needs support for this problem, a dental crown can be of great value. Your crown will protect your vulnerable tooth from suffering future infections, and it can absorb pressure that would otherwise be placed on the tooth during biting and chewing habits. Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible for you to enjoy a crown that is durable, life-like, and convenient – your dentist can actually have a CEREC crown produced for you after just one appointment! (more…)

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Other Health Issues To Worsen

Why is sleep apnea such a worrying condition? While sleep apnea can cause snoring, it would be a mistake to assume this condition is “just” a snoring problem. In fact, patients who suffer from this problem are failing to properly rest at night, as a lack of air will cause them to “wake up” periodically. You may have no memory of those awakenings, but they still cause problems by disrupting your sleep cycle. If you are experiencing this issue, it may cause other problems to worsen. Individuals with heart troubles, diabetes, or a history of mental illness can develop complications because of sleep apnea. Your dentist is able to help by providing a special appliance to wear while you sleep. Instead of a CPAP machine, you will rely on this insert to keep your breathing passage clear during the night, so you will not wake up. (more…)

Missing Dental Checkups Can Give Cavities More Time To Grow

How important is it to make sure you keep up with all of your scheduled dental checkups? If you are doing a great job cleaning your teeth at home, and you have been able to protect yourself against cavities and gum disease, what would the harm be in suspending these preventive dental appointments? What you should know is that ongoing professional dental care can offer expert support for your smile that you cannot provide by yourself. You should also keep in mind that even in the absence of symptoms, there may be an issue with your oral health that your dentist can address. (more…)

How Do CEREC Dental Crowns Benefit Patients?

What makes CEREC technology so beneficial to patients in need of restorative dental care? By relying on this technology, your dentist can provide you with a life-like, custom dental crown after just a single appointment. This means you will have the support you need for a vulnerable tooth without being forced to wait for a dental lab to create your restoration. CEREC technology makes it possible for your dentist to record necessary measurements of your tooth digitally, and use that information to design your crown in-house. A milling machine will then produce the ceramic crown, which can be placed on your tooth that day.  (more…)

Quiz: Can You Recognize Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea?

Do you know how to recognize symptoms that might indicate sleep apnea? If you know what to look for, you can identify issues that might alert you to the need for you, or your partner, to seek treatment. People who deal with this problem can sometimes be hesitant to seek care because they are bothered by the idea that they may have to wear a CPAP machine when they sleep. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid this by seeking help from your dentist. Your family dentist can help you manage your sleep apnea condition with a special oral appliance that keeps your airways open while you sleep. This appliance can put a stop to sleep apnea, and its potentially severe effects on your well-being. (more…)