Sleep Apnea Can Make It Harder To Manage Other Health Issues

Struggling with issues like high blood pressure and diabetes already require you to take extra steps to manage your well-being. While you can keep your health under control with smart habits, sleep apnea can put you in a situation where preexisting conditions are harder to manage. Sleep apnea, which is often associated with snoring, disrupts your sleep cycle in a way that makes beneficial rest harder to enjoy. If you suffer this problem, it can also leave you suffering from fatigue, irritability, and other problems. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can provide help for your condition with a special oral appliance that allows you to rest properly at night. (more…)

Defend Vulnerable Spaces Between Teeth By Flossing Regularly

If you ignore the spaces between your teeth, they can become safe gathering spaces for bacteria. As a result of this, those spaces can harbor plaque and tartar deposits that increase your risk for dental problems that will call for restorative dental work. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office understands that patients are not deliberately avoiding these spaces. Unfortunately, if you do not floss consistently, these areas become vulnerable to oral health problems. In addition to scheduling regular dental exams, make sure you keep up with your oral health needs by maintaining a good oral care routine. (more…)

Why Wait? Start Discussing Prosthetic Work With Your Dentist

If you have experienced tooth loss, and you have yet to start planning prosthetic dental work, you continue to miss out on important smile and oral health improvements. Tooth loss can be a big problem for the way a person looks. After all, depending on the teeth that are missing, it can be difficult to smile or even speak without betraying those unfortunate gaps. You should know that in addition to being an issue for the way you look, tooth loss creates problems for your dental function – if you allow those problems to go unchecked, the situation can even worsen over time. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can talk to you about the effects that tooth loss can continue to have on your life, and talk with you about using dental implants to bring back your full smile. (more…)

Tartar Buildup At Your Gum Line Can Cause Oral Health Issues

Defending your teeth and gums properly means keeping up a consistent oral care regimen. In some cases, a person who feels confident about the frequency of their brushing and flossing can have dental problems because they are not being thorough enough to maintain proper oral hygiene. If you are not giving enough attention to the base of your teeth, at your gum line, then you can allow plaque in these spaces to harden to tartar. This can pose a cavity risk, and it can increase the possibility you might develop gum disease. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office is prepared to help you defend your smile by removing tartar during routine dental exams, and by providing extra support if you are struggling with periodontal problems. (more…)

Always Fighting To Stay Awake? It Could Be Sleep Apnea

Daytime fatigue can have a clear cause – you might have struggled to fall asleep the night before, or you may have been obligated to wake up at an unusually early time. However, if you are struggling to stay awake and alert on a frequent basis, despite your efforts to maintain a normal sleep schedule, you should know that you may be dealing with sleep apnea. When people experience sleep apnea, they can struggle to feel rested because they have difficulties completing their sleep cycles. This issue, which can cause loud snoring, interrupts your breathing throughout the night, meaning sleep is ultimately less restful. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can talk to you about treating this potentially serious problem. (more…)

A Change In Your Snack Habits Can Be Good For Your Smile

Do you sometimes feel like your efforts to prevent cavities are unsuccessful, despite good brushing and flossing habits? This could be because of infrequent dental checkups, or because you simply have softer or weaker enamel, making teeth more susceptible to cavities. What you should know is that in many cases, people struggle to avoid cavities, despite a good oral care regimen, because they maintain a less healthy diet. You may not realize just how much sugar you consume in a day, particularly if you put little thought into your snack preferences. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can help you make sure your smile is healthy during every dental exam – between appointments, make sure you do your part by brushing, flossing, and minding your diet. (more…)

Seeing The Value Of Orthodontic Work For Your Oral Health

It is perfectly understandable to start imagining life with your improved smile when you start an orthodontic treatment. After all, correcting problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, or otherwise out of alignment, can lead to some terrific cosmetic dental improvements. Still, there is more to this type of work than just esthetic changes. Did you know that straightening your teeth can actually improve your bite function, and help you prevent cavities? Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office can offer orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, which provide the benefits of a smile correction without requiring metal braces. (more…)

Restoring An Implant With A Lifelike Artificial Tooth

As important as they can be to restoring an incomplete smile, you need more than the dental implant itself to fully restore your appearance and dental function. After the implant is placed, and you have properly healed from that placement, your Rapid City, SD dentist can bring you in to have your implant restored. Restoring the implant refers to the act of setting a lifelike, custom restoration on the artificial post that is meant to serve as a root for your prosthetic. Your dentist can make sure the crown you receive looks great, fits comfortably, and stays secure enough to aid your biting and chewing functions. (more…)

Regular Dental Checkups Help You Keep Your Gums Healthy

What role should regular dental exams play in keeping your gums healthy? The connection between routine checkups and health of your teeth should be clear. You receive a dedicated cleaning to protect you from the effects of accumulating plaque and tartar, while also receiving an update about the condition of your teeth. Your Rapid City, SD dentist is committed to protecting your teeth during preventive care, but the matter of your periodontal health is also addressed. The attention given to your gums is important. If you have an untreated issue with gum disease, the condition can worsen over time, and that can sharply increase your risk for tooth loss later in life. (more…)

Challenging Problems That Occur After Tooth Loss

A single lost tooth creates several potential issues that you will have to navigate. The problems can grow more significant if you lose more teeth, but at the beginning, tooth loss can become a problem for your appearance, and your dental function. It can even create problems for your jawbone over time. Your Rapid City, SD dentist’s office is ready to help you restore your complete smile. By having a dental implant placed, and then having the implant restored with a durable and lifelike artificial tooth, you can recover from the problems that tooth loss can create. If you delay treatment, the problems occurring with your jawbone can create problems for implant placement – if your smile is incomplete, let your dentist know! (more…)