• Bonding/Contouring

    Smile Touchups with Tooth Bonding/Contouring

    When a single tooth is marred by a cosmetic blemish, like discoloration or a chipped edge, you may not need a full restoration to repair it. Instead, tooth bonding and/or contouring may be able to improve the tooth with little or no permanent alterations to its structure.

    Tooth bonding is the process of applying tooth-colored composite resin to the outer surface, or enamel, of a tooth, then sculpting, hardening, and polishing the resin for a natural finish. The resin can conceal tooth discoloration, correct chipped edges and minor cracks, and build up a tooth’s structure when it appears too small or too far from the one next to it.

    By contrast, contouring describes lightly sculpting tooth enamel to reshape a jagged edge, smooth rough areas of the enamel, or correct a slight overlap between two teeth.