• Dental Crowns

    Dental Crowns in a Day with CEREC

    The top part of your tooth which rests above the gum line is known as the tooth’s crown. It is supported by a root that is secured within a socket in your jawbone. When a tooth is cracked, fractured, or broken, or if its appearance needs improvement, then a dental crown can be fashioned to cover and protect it while improving its appearance. Traditionally, dental crowns require at least two visits: one to measure and prepare the tooth, and a second to secure the crown once a skilled technician has crafted it.

    With CEREC technology (chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramics), Dr. Criss can prepare your tooth, take highly-accurate digital measurements, and send the specifics to an onsite milling machine that will craft your dental crown during the same appointment. By eliminating the waiting period, Dr. Criss can repair your tooth and help you enjoy smiling again much sooner.